Using novolog from pens in your pod

So I just realized I have three unopened boxes of Novolog in the frig. Has anyone ever used insulin from a pen to fill your pod? I could fill an empty Novolog vial with Novolog from the pen, right? The Pharmacist said she couldn’t see a problem, it’s the same medication.

Anyone done this?

Yep, go for it!

All the insulin I use is actually from pen cartridges instead of vials…there isn’t a problem at all!

No problem at all Barb. You can fill a pod directly from a pen. You don’t even have to inject air into a pen. Just withdraw the insulin straight out.

Wonderful!! Thanks!

I also use the Novolog pens to fill my pods instead of vials. Works just fine!

So do you just dial in the amount like normal and inject into the pod and forget about the needle that comes with it? This is great news!

You still use the syringes that come with the pod Barb. Don’t try to inject air into the pen first though. Just insert the syringe needle into the pen like you would a vial and slowly withdraw the insulin from the pen.