Using insulin from Novolog pen in insulin pump

Hi Everyone!

I'm 22-years-old and have been Type 1 since December 31st 1988, for 21 years! However, this is my first time ever having an insulin pump (523 Revel) which I recieved in the mail today. I was just curios and wanted to know if anyone has used the insulin from their insulin pen in their minimed insulin pump? I have a bunch of pens and I dont want them to go to waist!


I have a paradigm pump and would not advise doing that. When the insulin for the disetronic pump came in prefilled cartridges, I tried to do what you want to do and when I did, the insulin spilled. Got on fingers somehow causing a horrible low. So, do not worry about being wasteful, it is what it is.

I have refillable pens that use a long, thin vial of insulin. I use those vials to refill my Medtronic pump resevoirs on a regular basis. I would think that any pen could be used in a similar way. It is insulin, of course. If it is physically possible to get the insulin out of the pens, and it is a compatible type of insulin for your pump, it should be fine.

Remember of course, your insulin levels may be quite a bit different with your pump than with injections due to absorption rates and not having a long-term insulin used for your basal. I suggest discussing your programmed insulin levels with a pump educator or your Endo, whoever is going to do your initial training and pump set-up. Good luck!

Ok Great! Thank you so much for your input :slight_smile:

Hahaha yeah I was thinking it might not be a good idea, I’ve heard of people doing it so I came on here to make sure it would be ok.

Great Thank You!

HiYa Desiree. I did the same thing, emptying my pens into the pump reservoirs. Best wishes. Happy New Year!

I’ve used MInimed pumps since 2002 and still continue to use pens to refill my pump at times. Never had a problem.

do not use your long lasting insulin in your pump your dr will give you fast acting insulin for your pump so wait intil you see the pump trainer to set your pump

Thank you! And Happy New Year!

Good to know! Thank You!

Ooooh! I did not think of breaking it in half, that would make things so much easier! Im going to try this. Thank you so much!

i’m a little confused by this response - nothing was said here about long acting insulin. novolog is a fast acting insulin.

I used my stock pile of pens to fill my cartridges in the beginning too, so it can definitely be done. I didn’t break mine open, just dialed the highest number on the pen and shot it into the pump cartridge. Just make sure you don’t put air into the pen like you would with a normal vial - it will explode!!

Hahaha I will make sure I wont do that! However, Ive just been drawing the insulin out of the cartridge with the reservoir needle, its kind of hard because since there is no air the pressure is really strong and its hard to draw the insulin. next time I will try and push the insulin in using the actual pen.

I just started on an insulin pump on Monday (523 Revel as well) and my hospital stopped carrying Novolog earlier this year (instead switching to Humalog).

Because my nurse didn't want yet another new parameter (there are already enough when starting a new pump and stopping Lantus injections) I brought my Novolog pen and she filled my reservoir with it!

I've been using (and loving :-) my new pump since Monday with it without any problems.

Although tomorrow I have to do my first insertion site change and I'll have to decide if I want to try my luck with the Novolog pen extraction as well (on my own) or if I should try out the Humalog vial already.