Insulin Needs Different.....Because of a Different Pump?

I recently switched from a MM Paradigm 722 to an Animas Ping.

When on the MM Paradigm my blood sugars fluctuated a ton. Even 2 hours post-meal I was above 200. Often I’d spike over 250. BUT I rarely needed more insulin because I had enough IOB to bring me back to normal. I tried bolusing earlier and earlier before eating, but I’d still spike way too high. My average blood sugars the past 2 months were around 140. In the last two weeks with my Paradigm my average blood sugar was even higher - around 160.

I’ve now been on the Animas Ping since just last week Friday night (so a few hours short of 9 days). Since then my average blood sugar has been 114. Fantastic! However…I’m going low a lot. Looking for patterns, I see that it’s often happening after meals…often within 2 hours of eating, when I still have IOB. It’s hard to correct these lows - I don’t know if I need to correct the low and cover the IOB with more carbs, or just correct it and assume I still have carbs digesting that will cover that IOB.

I’m going to slowly start changing my I:C ratio and see what happens. When on my Paradigm I used a 1:9 ratio. I just now changed my Ping to a 1:10 ratio.

I am using NovoLog, which seems to last about 3 hours in my body, for anyone interested in that info :slight_smile:

Has anyone else changed from one kind of pump to another and noticed they’ve needed less or more insulin?

I don’t understand why this is! (Unless my Paradigm wasn’t functioning 100% like it should have…)

I am using the Ping also. My endo put me on Lilly U-500 Regular. Very expensive but great control and since my endo recalibrated my Ping to use this insulin, my cartridge lasts 3 days.

I didn’t realize this could be done! (The Ping manual explicitly says it’s for U-100 insulins only - using anything else could lead to death, lol) This is something to consider for me…I’d love if my cartridge could last 3 days!

Sounds like a fluke to me. Were you using different types of sets? Straight versus angled, different lengths, etc? Different “virgin” infusion sites without scar tissue? Just some of the things I can think of as different variables. How about different ways of bolusing, normal versus dual wave, etc?

I had that happen when I switched from my minimed 508 to whichever animas pump I first started with. I had to drop my basal and I:C and correction factor. Enjoy using less insulin! It took me about a month or 2 to get it all straightened out.

I was using straight sets with both pumps. I was using 9mm QuickSets with my MM and I am using 9mm Insets with my Ping. Using same insertion sites as always - hips and abdomen. That’s why I just can’t figure it out. Literally nothing changed except the pump that is delivering my insulin. No changes in type of insulin or basal rates, or in how I’m delivering boluses either.

I wonder why this is? I certainly welcome the idea of using less insulin, but I wish I knew WHY, haha.

The way it was explained to me by my endo and the Animas folks (b/c I ask TONS of questions) was the difference in the delivery of the basal insulin. Minimed only delivers in tenths of a unit (or my 508 did!) while Animas delivers a little every 3mins. At the time, I was on such a tiny basal (less than .5u/hr) that it made a difference for me.