Ping vs Paradime?

Hi all! I’m new to the site so apologies if this is a repeat topic, but I’m wondering if people like either the Animus Ping or the Mini Med Paradigm? If I do go for one of them I’m leaning towards the Ping as I’ve heard the wireless controller is better than the one offered with the Mini Med. Thanks for your help!

I love my Ping! Only drawback to wireless glucometer is that you can not use it to change your basal or activate temp basal. You have to pull the pump out to do that. Otherwise it is perfect!

I was a MM girl myself for 15 years and switched to Ping in August of 2008. I still think MM is an awesome company with a great pump. What sold me on the switch was being to bolus from the meter and Ping has the smallest increments of basal and bolus on market. This is nice if you take smaller amounts of insulin. I have been very happy with Ping.

my son will be starting on his first insulin pump tomorrow morning. yay!! we did our homework and decided that the Ping would be the one for us. He didn’t want to go for the Omnipod due to the size of it on him. He liked the screen and all the flashy stuff on the ping. I like the remote meter. I also like the smaller incriments since he’s pretty sensitive to insulin. He also has Celiac Disease. I thought the carb data base would be perfect for us because we can delete the things that come programmed in and put all of the data from the foods he does eat in there.
When we were trying to decide we called both companies and asked for demos. We went to a minimed class where we got to learn about the pump (and play with it) and a rep from animas came out to our house to do the same thing. it helped (for us) to get to check them out in real life and ask all of our questions that came up.

Can you tell me more about your thoughts on the PING. I’m debating now to switch for the meter that can bolus. I’m a little nervous. Did you notice any changes in your control? I heard one person say that she had less control with the PING, but I can’t figure out why. They both allow for the same type of basal settings, right?
Your thoughts are appreciated!