Insulin Pen Delivery Reliability

I hope everyone is doing ok with our current lock down situation. Just curious last week my sugars were capital letter STINKY! Ranging 140-200 and my normal is spot on 70- 100 pre meal and max post meal 150 usually. I noticed when I took my Tresiba is was slow and once it stopped midway then finished. As where normally it’s up quick push delivery. I was like a slower tic.
So I decided to try a new pen out of curiousness 3 days ago and since then I’ve been back in action with solid stable sugars. Is it possible the pressure value in the pen I was using wasn’t working properly? Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience…
TIA - stay in and wash your hands :smiley:

Sounds like a malfunctioning pen. Congrats for catching it and trying a fresh one.

I have some experience with Tresiba and have not experienced what you describe.

If you’re interested in reporting this, here’s the Novo Nordisk US page to get info and help.

From that webpage: