Tresiba problem

I waited to post until this happened to me 3 times. My last 3 newly opened Tresiba pens have lasted 10 days each before losing all effectiveness. I had another night of my CGM alarms alerting me of highs. I am tired of taking correction doses of Novolog throughout the night. The same thing happened last night.

I am used to Tresiba working and working well and have used it approximately 2 yrs.
I am so used to it working well that it has taken 3 different pens to convince me that something is wrong with the insulin.
I am emailing Novo Nordisc.

I may have to switch back to Lantus which worked well for me, but I liked Tresiba a bit better. I am very disappointed.

Is it possible that your basal insulin needs have jumped? Have you tried any upward adjustments? Almost every time I have suspected bad insulin to be at the root of a glucose management problem, I have been wrong.

You might be right but think an upward dose adjustment and waiting 2-3 days to assess might change your thinking.

Are you confident that scar tissue is not affecting insulin absorption?

Since you have a successful multi-year history with tresiba I wonder if these pens had been overheated somewhere in the supply chain and lost most of their efficacy? But by all means, let Novo know, they’ll want to make sure it’s not a manufacturing issue with the lot(s) the pens came from and - hopefully - they’ll want to make it right for you.

Terry for the previous week before the drastic need for more insulin, I had been running low and like clock work. I considered everything that I could just like I did the previous two times the Tresiba pen failed me. As soon as I changed pens, my new insulin needs plummeted. I know that it is the pens.

I don’t know how to tell if I have any scar tissue. My skin is perfectly smooth and soft without any marks of any kind from 62 yrs of giving shots.

That is the first thing I thought of truenorth, but at least 2 of the pens came from different batches.

Could it be a difference in temperature? It’s hot now and I keep my unopened vials in the fridge.
I know insulin can handle room temp, but I don’t k ie if summer is causing you these issues.

My unopened insulin is always refrigerated. If it gets too warm inside the house, my opened pen gets refrigerated.

Always store unopened insulin in a fridge. I know of someone who suffered uncontrolled for years. Till they worked out he didn’t put his insulin in a fridge.

Throughout the decades my unopened insulin has always been refrigerated and my opened insulin gets refrigerated in hot weather.

I am an extremely well controlled diabetic, that is why this is so disconcerting.

I started a new Tresiba pen this morning and by late this afternoon my glucose levels were back to normal. Hopefully this pen will last over 10 days, bit the previous 3 Tresiba pens failed me after 10 days of use.

I emailed the manufacturer. It will be interesting to see what they say. I may have to go back to using Lantus.

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