Insulin pump and swimming

Can anyone tell me how to go to the pool and swim with an insulin pump? Can I go in a whirlpool or is 104 degrees too hot for the pump?

I have always been told that I should disconnect from my pump when I go swimming and place in the cap so that water does not get into my infusion. My doctor said being suspended for an hour or 2 is fine and especially if you are getting exercise because it lowers your sugar.

Now, I have gapped it out and have gone into the pool with my leather wrap around case on my pump for at last 30 mintues and my pump still responded(s) as normal :slight_smile:

I am not sure the temp with a whirlpool but I would feel confident disconnecting for a bit and then making sure you check your blood sugars when you re-connect back up & you’ll be just fine.

Thank you for all of this good info. What is a leather wrap around case? Do you know where to buy an insulin belt that I can attach my pump to? What do you mean when you say cover the infusion area. If I disconnect and suspend…should I cover the part on my stomach?

Thanks again.

Here is a link for the leather wrap around case.

And above is a pic (if it worked out). It is hard to view but the case wraps around your pump and then you can where it on any belt you want. I always change up my fashion sense :) Plus, the pump is close to your body & doesn't keep getting bumped. I had the 2 plastic clips that came with my Medtronic Paradigm 715 & I kept breaking the clips. I found the leather case & love it.

Regarding the infusion area …

When I change my pump tubing every three days, there is an extra plastic cap that is included in the infusion set. I looks the end of the tubing with the needle, but does not have the needle. I was told most people end up throwing it away instead of keeping a few around so that they can "cap off" & go swimming. Then you don't have to place anything else on your stomach :)

Thanks. I saw the extra plastic ends but did not what I couls use them for. You have a super good idea that I will try next time I am in the pool. I did go to the pool yesterday with no cover and no end cover. After I got out of the pool I showered and dried the area real well. But the thought of another infection scares me so I will try your method. My animas came with a leather case with a belt cover. Thanks again.