Insulin pump called MiniMed670system?

Have you hear about the new insulin pump called MiniMed670system? My doc just gave me some info to learn , thinking on trying to go on a pump. Any recommendations?

Some of the most comprehensive write-ups I’ve seen about the 670G on TuD and FUD are from @DrBB.

Ask him and he can give you a very thorough run-down of the system.


Welcome to TUD, @JaNaBell! As @Eric2 says I have a couple of posts on it here and on FUD, so if you search my posts or 670G you’ll find them.

They’re written from a perspective of someone with a lot of experience pumping, and it sounds like you haven’t tried pumping, so that’s kind of a different situation. Thing is, the 670G is a very different kind of pump than any of us have had any experience with, so a lot of what I have to say addresses those differences. There are a lot of ingrained ideas we have from our existing pumps about basal rates, active insulin time, sensitivity factor, correction boluses and whatnot, all of which are very different–or even non-existent–in the 670G in full auto mode. Not having had that stuff drilled into you for years may actually be an advantage–not so much to unlearn or be frustrated by.

But in any case it would help to know what your current status is. What is your treatment regimen, how long have you been on it, and do you have any experience with CGM technology (which is integral to the 670G)?


I’m getting a 670g sometime before the end of this month. I am very excited, hoping it helps me with better control as I’ve heard so many rave it has helped them. But also a bit worried about auto mode because I am such a hands-on control freak, LOL.

I have to start off saying I am a Medtronic Diabetes Ambassador. So in a since i am connected to them as a volunteer. OK, to be clear they gave me a Cup and Bag, I do not in anyway speak for them nor did the Cup or Bag influence my opinion. (Disclosure out of the way)

I love my 670G pump. I have used it since September and it is the coolest pump I have ever had. Now so my comment does not end up being an advertisement. If you like you can drop me a note and I will be happy to give you my print outs and answer any questions. You can contact me on TUDiabetes or you can find me at

There are many ambassadors and we will all be happy to help out.



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