Insulin Pump Holder for Sleep

I am new to the Tandem insulin pump. Learning to use it is my full time job, it seems. :wink: My biggest problem is how to sleep with it. I typically don’t wear pajamas. Usually a T-shirt or lightweight nightgown. I was looking at the stretch bands to wear around your waist but I was afraid they would be too hot for me at night. What do you use or would recommend? TIA

I don’t wear it while sleeping. It’s just laying in bed w me. This is the best way to not lie on it. I don’t know how I trained myself but when I sleep,I tend to move it when I turn over or move around.
I rarely lie on my back but when I do, I place it on my chest.
If you have the long tubing you can just clip it to the headboard or even put on the floor.
Floor is best for me however I use short tubing now so I just let it hang out in bed.

If Tandem makes a clip-like holder, I’d get one of those and then clip the pump to the front of your t-shirt or nightgown at night. I use a medtronic pump, and they have a clip that attaches to the back of the pump, and that’s what I do. Works very well as, even when I’m sleeping mostly on my stomach, the pump just nestles between the boobs and doesn’t get uncomfortable. Bring the pump up from UNDER the t or nightgown and then clip it to the front…that way the tubing is underneath whatever you’re wearing and doesn’t get tangled if you toss and turn.

I have various different bands that I use the spy belt and others but I also have softy belts which are made from flannel, it has a flannel pouch too. Those are the most comfortable but I wear them outside of my nightgown. I used to wear them under because my siamese cat was trying to chew my tubing, he still sometimes does that but I keep an eye on him and he’s not a kitten anymore.

Unfortunately the company that makes softy belts seems to have gone out of business maybe- I checked their website a month ago and it’s not up anymore.

I did buy some flannel about two years ago. I was planning to make my own. I made one of the belts and it was very hard to do. But eventually I will make some more of my own. I know some people just put the pump beside them while they sleep so I guess that is another thing you can try.

I started on a tandem pump a couple weeks ago and am really surprised my sphynx hasn’t tried this…yet. Something to look forward to :joy:

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Lol, I was in constant anxiety when he was a kitten and he’s such a nut case. Are sphinx the same as siamese in that sort of temperament? He is the only cat I’ve ever had who was pure bred and the only cat who chews things so much too.

Yes my sphynx is big headed and crazy but I love her. She’s the one in my profile pic :blush:

She almost has a dog personality - wants a lot more attention than our other cat. She also sleeps in my arms at night with her head on my pillow lmao

I sew and embroider and she loooooves trying to eat the thread as I work with it. It’s stressful!!

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I have PJs with pocket, or in past have pinned a sock to PJs (after cutting down to size) and put pump in that.

I have had cats most of my pumping years (25+), and they can quickly chomp through the tubing! Only happened once, and I learned my lesson.


Oh she is a beauty! I love the sphinx and had thought about them also. Yes it is stressful, my Wacko nearly drove me batty as a kitten😹 He is not as cuddly as my part siamese boy who used to spoon with me every night, he was the sweetest boy ever❤️ (My profile pic). This boy also demands a lot of attention and he is my shadow and my protector, he bites people sometimes if they get close to me😹 and me too if I pet him at the wrong time or too much, everything is on his terms😹 He fetches and is a little acrobat. I took in a ginger cat I tnr last year and they both wrestle now which has calmed down mr siamese.

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Yes I was so worried about that, none of my other cats paid any attention to it. The sock is a good idea. Was he ok when he chewed it, and you as well?

Yes, cat was fine, and I was too since I noticed it immediately. Hasn’t happened since. I have older cats now, but originally fostered them as a litter of 5 kittens at 4 weeks old. Kept 3 of them, still have 2, now 17 years old, so must be doing something right.

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No need to clip it on you. Just let it lie close to you on your bed, give some room if you turn in your sleep. Even if you end up lying on top of the pump it doesn’t matter, the body heat may destroy your insulin faster but I haven’t found it to be a problem.

Just remember that you have a loose pump when you get up otherwise you will find it dangling off your cannula. I’ve rarely had a problem remembering.

I have the 23 inch (60cm) tubing and find it sufficient for length.

Good thing it worked out. I was so scared my wacko kitten would chew it while I slept or didn’t notice fortunately we got through it only because I kept it away from him I am sure. Aww that is great you rescued them all and still have them. I lost all my rescue babies over the past 9 years ranging from 11-19 years, I miss them all so much.

This is why all the t-shirts I buy are “pocket tees.” Generally works fine for me, though it does occasionally fall out (last night f’rinstance). Though I don’t find that to be a huge problem.

And welcome to TUD @JillJ–great community here, hope you stick around!

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@JillJ welcome to the clan!
@DrBB pocket policy is in agreement with my sleepwear requirement. Although lately I’ve sensed the pump is dramatically warm when removed from the pocket, fearing compromise of the insulin. I use a 43" tubing, so have lots of room to let it float in bed beside me somewhere, which I think keeps pump cooler, less body heat.
I like @MM1 sock idea.

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I put mine under my pillow last night just to see and it was just fine. No alarms but then it rarely alarms at night I think I could still hear it tho

I free-float with mine. Ive worn a pump long enough that, like others have said, when I turn over I just move it with me to the other side. Never had an issue.

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Jill, did you consider the Omnipod insulin pump that attaches directly to your body? No tubes. Just a thought.

I don’t use a case anymore. Instead I have a Nite Ize clip attached directly to the pump. You can literally clip it securely to anything, even a single thickness of t-shirt material upside-down at the hemline. I usually wear a tank top at night, and used to just clip it to the neckline.

I’ve got a giant water bed. Out of fashion, I know, but we love it. One of the first things I had to learn when I added the G6 to the pump, was that I COULDN’T wear it to bed on my neckline anymore. The Bluetooth signal doesn’t travel through water well. It can usually make it through me just fine, but not when there’s a giant pillow of water under me. I’ve had to just leave it on the bed next to me. Like most things with the T:slim X2, it was more stressful thinking about it than in actuality. I sleep like a tornado, but I’ve never once yanked a site while tossing in my sleep. The pump just gets dragged around the bed with me.

Nite Ize Clip (check the reviews, lot if happy pumpers, including my review with pictures under “DH” ):

Me too, an F4 tornado. My pump starts in the pocket of the gym shorts that I sleep in but never stays there. I also drag mine around the rest of the night. Have only had one to pull loose and that was because I got my arm tangled in the tubing because I was not wearing a night shirt.