Is there anywhere to put the pump when you sleep?

Hi everyone well as you know I am wearing Shelby’s pump. And wow what a difference this is going to be I LOVE IT!!! I do have a few questions for the pumpers . . . .
*1-At night I have it in the pump pack I bought for Shelby but it seems bulkey to me is there any other Ideas??
*2-going to the rest room (I have dropped it 3 times now) Should I unhook the clip from my pants and hook it to my shirt???
I know this may seem silly but they are the only issues I seem to be having and when Shelby gets hooked up I would like to be able to show her so any suggestions would be GREAT!!! THANK YOU ~KORIN~

Well, for small children many people like the pump packs that go on their back, so they can’t reach the pump and play with it. I don’t know if they always use them at night, though. For #2 some people say they clip it to their shirt. I don’t know, since I have the long tubing. :slight_smile:

  1. Not sure what to tell you. I clip mine to the elastic on my boxers. After a while you get used to it, even to the point where you automatically move it in your sleep to adjust to your position.

  2. I have the 23inch tubing. Bathroom breaks I either clip it to my shirt or if there’s a pocket in the shirt or hoodie, that’s where I toss it.

Hope that helps.

I put the pump under my pillow to sleep. Sometimes I wake up tangled up in the tubing, but I think it’s like Tim said - you get so used to having it that you move it around in your sleep.

For your second question, my pump usually just hangs on my pants. I have a couple pair that the material is thinner so I just hold the pump onto the pants to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

Thanks everyone!!! I guess because her tubing is short it harder for me but I guess when she put it on maybe it will not be as bad. Thanks Againg I guess I am going to have to get creative!!!

I always wear pj’s with pockets. But there are things like the pump pack that are made for children and go around their stomach to hold the pump. That might work better for night for her. During the day I just keep the pump in my pocket, but you can also find other things for kids, like clothes with pump pockets and, like you said, hooking it to your shirt during the day. I almost never use the clips for my pump. Try looking that the childrenwithdiabetes website for ideas for storing the pump. That might help you some.

So far we tried a few things.

  • I made a soft elastic belt and a pump pouch that would hold it in place. My daughter really like it and it kept the pump in place with a nightgown as well as PJ’s. Then she wanted something new, so…
  • I used my youngest son’s sock and clip it on the inside of her top with a safety pin, that got “old” to her pretty quick mostly because we could never find a sock before going to bed the next night…
  • now, she likes to clip the pump directly on to her bottoms and it seems to work very well. She doesn’t even notice it when she rolls on top of it.

Try a few things and see what works best for you.

As far as not loosing it while at the bathroom… Don’t have a good solution. The clip we use now stays on very well, to the point where I am more worried that she will pull her site out before loosing the pump (She has done that already).

At night, I wear shorts to bed for the most part, so I clip it to my shorts. I sleep on my back, though, so it doesn’t tend to bother me too much.

For the restroom, I wear my site on my thigh, so navigating my clothing isn’t as much of a problem because all the connections and wires and below my waist. I wore my pump site on my abdomen for the first time in a few years last week and I noticed that I needed to keep my pump either tucked in a pocket or clipped to my clothes while in the bathroom. I’ve almost tossed that thing in the toilet or banged it against the floor a number of times. (I’m not terribly graceful, though, so it could be just me.) :slight_smile:

For sleeping I place the pump next to me, right by my pillow (I use 31" tubing). I started out clipping it to my boxers, but since I am new to the pump, I am using the alarms to remind me to wake up and test, and I was sleeping through them when it was down there, hiding under the covers.

Not too much to add, everyone has given a lot of the ideas/things I’ve tried. The restroom question made me think of this image here - the image “pump hazards” was where I was going with this.
Frankly, going to the bathroom just requires practice. Occasionally I realize that I’ve caught my tubing in my clip and have to unhook myself, shift tubing, and re-clip in before I get very far. My only recommendation there would be don’t wait until you are desperate to pee, give yourself some extra time so that you don’t rip anything out when in a hurry :wink:
At night, I tend to sleep on my stomach and initially I would just put the belt over pants and move the pump to my back. I’ve taken to the sock solution and just focused on putting one in each pair of sleep shorts and pants. It seems to work best that way as I’m pretty groggy by bedtime and anything that requires extra thought is out.
Hope this is helpful!


At night I often wear sleep pants with pockets and I put it in the pocket. Otherwise I just let it lie beside me.

What length of tubing are you using? That will affect the restroom question. I use 43 inch tubing and so I can leave it attached to my trousers. The only time that’s a problem is when it’s connected on my thigh. Then dropping my trousers can make my underwear want to come down also!

i dont have my pump yet but i read somewhere a god tip that somebody uses a teddy and clips the pump to her teddy. this inspired me to make a little pouch from some material and attach it to my teddy and i will just pop the pump into the pouch at night time. like everyone said though i probably depends on the lenght of the tubing.

I just let it roam next to me, since I toss and turn a lot (so much, that they had to decrease my overnight basal! its like exercise in my sleep! lol). I sleep just fine. as for going to the bathroom, I grab my robe and stick it in the robe pocket.

How is Shelby doing with her pump? I’ll have to check your page… I am now on day 4 with mine (not counting the 5 days of saline first) and am loving it. My first night on insulin I actually woke up in the morning (after a 2am check was okay) to find I had pulled out the insertion. I think it had to do with the way I had put it in, because I remember thinking that the set had not adhered properly, but my CDE checked and we decided that it was okay. I have just been setting my pump beside me at night. I like the idea someone said about attaching it to a stuffed animal! At least it would be soft! Not sure how I am going to adjust when I go back home and my husband joins the team :slight_smile: !! Am also a little worried about the cat, who is sleeping with me now, wanting to play during the night. That tubing probably looks awfully tempting…
I found the pants and bathroom combo to be a problem and first, but I think I was using shorter tubing. What I am using now allows me to use the cargo pockets in my pants. I have also been looking at the soft belts they make, especially for getting back on my running program.
Keep us posted as you find out more things that work! And a big hug for our sister-in-crime, Shelby!

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