Insulin Pump Recommendations – Personal Reviews/ Recos?

Hi all –

Was using the Medtronic Paradigm Pump about 2 years back now - for about 10 years. After some customer service issues and lack of attention from Medtronic, I decided to give up my pump and try the more conventional method of Insulin Pens. Bad move, my AIC went up, obviously had no where the control I once had with pumping.

That said, I decided to revisit pumping.

Currently I am on the Omnipod. 1st week. So far – generally good. I have noticed some wobbling with the pod itself. It's a little awkward during a yoga class... Although, I love that it is tubeless, dislike the fact that the PDM (remote for the pump) is soooo big. I think I'll have to get a Man Bag to carry all my supplies. Customer Service support is stellar!

Still on the 45 day trial period, and debating keeping the Omnipod or switching over to the T:Slim.

Is there anyone out there who has switched from the Omnipod back to a more conventional pump? Vice-versa?
Why did you decide to switch?

Thanks in advance for your feedback on your pump preference.


I have used Animas, my first pump. I used Omnipod and loved it until all the failures in a row with the pods, not the pdm. I tried Minimed Revel and hated it and the cgm. I have the t:slim and Dexcom G4 and love them both. The t:slim is smaller than all the pumps I have tried and used. I can use the t:clip, t:holster or put it in my pocket and go. The t:slim will be integrating with Dexcom in the next couple of years.

The t:slim is easy to read in the sun light, easy to enter readings - no scrolling through the numbers. Color screen, touch screen and no need for batteries. while driving to work or from work, I can hook to the cord and plug into the cig lighter and charge while driving. I usually charge it while I shower, but if I am in a hurry I have the auto connections in my vehicle to charge it. The kit has all the cords needed for charging from the wall outlet, the computer or the car. It uses cartridges instead of reservoirs. The size, readability in the sun and no scrolling through the numbers are all pluses for me. Good luck to you in your decision, it is all about what is comfortable to you.

Thanks very much. This is very helpful. I don't like the way the Omnipod feels when working out. How was the process when you decided to return the Omnipod?

If you really like the Omnipod, except for the feel of the the pod while working out, an easy fix is to tape the pod itself down with something like KT Tape or Opsite Flexifit. If I know I'm going to be doing something that will definitely jar the pod around a lot, I'll use either of those products.

I've tried other tapes and fixes, but those two tapes work absolutely the best.

I use both types of tape with my Dexcom sensor and they do work really well.

Thank you for the tips. I just tried the pod on my arm. My sugars were a lot higher than I wanted. Not sure if I have enough fat there to use my arm as a site. do you more success using different sites?

Thanks for the tip.