Upgrading pump-Omnipod or T-slim?

I am upgrading from a Ping and can't decide between the Omnipod or the T-slim. I find the idea of no tubing very appealing but also like the small size of the T-slim. I also wear a Dexcom CGM. I would like to hear some of the pros and cons of both systems from users that have them. I would also like to know if anyone has heard if Dexcom is teaming with any pump companies in the near future.

If Omnipod still has the free 30-45 day trial, I'd you might go that route. Omnipod didn't work for me, and while it was a PIA, I did get my money back. The remote uses Freestyle test strips, so ideally your insurance covers them. If not then you'll need another meter and to input data.

I have both pod and dex. Love them both. It is the first pump I have ever had and I waited 38 years to get it. The pod is small and unobtrusive. I can wear dresses and bikinis and not worry about tubing. I don't have to disconnect to shower or swim.
Dexcom and Animas have teamed together with the Vibe but it is not available yet in the US.

I tried to migrate from the Ping to the the pod. I did a $200 upgrade with the Omnipod so I had the luxury to give it a long test. After five months I gratefully returned to the Ping. With the pod I had repeated site absorption problems and occlusion alarms.

I wanted to try the T-slim but changed my mind when they would not offer a money back guarantee. I think they've changed that policy. Wil Dubois does a thorough review of the T-slim that spans a few weeks on his blog. You'll need to do an internal "T-slim" search once you land on his site. His review was about a year ago.

As Clare said, I do know that the Dexcom G4 CGM is already integrated with the Vibe model pump for three years in Europe and elsewhere and its US release is pending FDA clearance. It was submitted to the FDA on April 15, 2013, almost one year ago.

As I've commented many times before, I don't like any pump/CGM integration that leaves alarms muffled by layers of blankets when sleeping. I'm all for reduction of D-gear but this concept will not work for me. I like the separate CGM receiver for waking me up when needed. I will probably upgrade to the Vibe when it comes out and combine my stand-alone G4 receiver for use at night and depend on the Vibe/CGM pump for day-time use.

That was kind of my experience with the pod. It works for a lot of people though.

My experience has been similar to Clare's. I also use both pod and dex, and love them both. The OmniPod is my first pump and I waited almost 25 years to pump because of the idea of the tubing. I went to a pump primarily because I needed the flexibility to address changes in bg due to changing hormones as I approach menopause. The combination of pod and dex and learning how to use these tools have helped me lower my A1c from 8.1 to 6.2 over the last year.

I found with both pod and dex, that conquering the learning curve as far as what sites work best for me and how to use the information that these tools give me, made a huge difference in my life.

I also like having the dex separate from my pump because I place the receiver beside my pillow at night to make sure any alarms wake me. Plus if I happen to wake up, it's easy access to check it real quick. It also serves as my flashlight if I have to get up in the night for a potty break or bg check. :)

Here is my new favorite site.

smileandnod - Your huge improvement in your A1c is impressive. Bravo! Just moving an A1c a couple of tenths of a percent is big, but almost two full points is amazing!

What motivated you to do this? Was there a "straw that broke the camel's back" moment? I'm always interested in what moves people to take ownership of their diabetes and then fuels determination and tenacity to power them to this kind of sustained success.

By the way, I love your screen name; it's a good tactic to use in many situations!

Clare - That's a great line! Is that over three days? Good work.

Thanks Terry - it's over 80 hours from pod start to pod finish

Is that a pod under your bra?

Yes it is Kimberly. I liked it so much on the right, I moved it to the left side this morning after 80 hours with the last one.

Thanks, Terry. My lack of control was due to old lady hormones as my body is trying to make the transition to menopause and not lack of motivation. I was so frustrated because I was doing everything by the book and eating low carb, but still unable to gain that magic control of the numbers. Then I found OmniPod, Dexcom, and Tu...game changers!

I can actually see the trend line on my cgm going up when a hot flash comes on. Without a pump and cgm, I never would have been able to tame the spikes. Too unpredictable. Before when I was on injections and no cgm, I would test high, take an injection, then come crashing down because the hot flash would fade before the insulin was gone.

Thanks to this site, and it's crazy smart members, I learned that temp basals on my pump and trend lines on my cgm were my best friends. I especially took notes from AcidRock, who unknowingly taught me the value of crushing that hot flash rise in bg with a temp basal and watching for the down turn, then dialing back the insulin. I couldn't have done it without the people here and for that I'm very, very thankful. :)