Insulin pump whitch also does b.suger

is there any insulin pump which not only insert insulin but also does b.suger monitering what is cost of that pump in american doller i want to purchase an insulin pump in india

The Medtronics pump does not do both BUT it has an add-on feature that will collect b.sugar readings from a separate sensor.

You could say it does both, but it’s actually two different systems that can be combined in one package. You can get the pump or the pump and the b.g sensors, but I don’t believe you can get the b.g. sensor alone.

See the website: for details.


There is a Medtronic system with the sensor only , called Guardian Real -Time …same website ; the one you are referring to is called Paradigm Real -Time .

This is wicked helpful. I want the CGM but don’t want the pump. Thanks for the info!

I second Dave’s response.

large needle
lack of stickiness
not too accurate
large and not flat
short usage time

I understand not available in India (and Canada ) ??..and question : are both systems : Navigator and Dexcom available without an insulin pump ,( I responding to Terry’s comment ) ??

here are my feelings about the Medtronic CGMS

What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports was Medtronic thinking?

It is good to share this info Scott, however we need to remember, that TU is a global media and not all brands are available world wide… I have no comparison available , however I have added my " story as a MM /sensor user " to you discussion some time ago . And I will do my best to work with what is available to me.

I’m not sure I understand you’re point, Nel. I was responding to comments about the MM. I understand that not everything is available everywhere and we all have to live with what we can get

thanks Scott. I read it and now have had second thoughts about MM. I actually had a pump through MM a few years ago and had to use my warranty twice over 3 years. I too thought it was a software issue and I couldn’t count on it.

So, thanks Scott and Dave _. I will look into the other brands. I didnt realize there WERE other brands available!

Your response from my point of view not totally relevant to Shivika’s discussion /question …and neither has anyone so far responded to the cost question .
I as a Canadian cannot supply the US dollar figure .
Well, the good out of this discussion for me is , that I know now, that both Dexcom and Navigator systems are seperate from an insulin pump. And Marps learned something as well :slight_smile:

Yes exactly! I called Dexcom and they are currently working with my insurance and health care team to see how much my insurance will cover for the overall cost.

Enough with the bashing of mm. I’m not a mm chearleader, but I have worn the navigator and the mm 522 side by side and each has advantages and disavantages.

However, after learning how to setup, place the sensor effectively I must tell the truth.

The mm cgm works as well as the nav.

I have used two Desitronic pumps & three mm pumps, over the last 14yrs.

Hi Steve,

I’m glad the MM CGM works well for you, as it does for a number of people. I just don’t happen to be one of them. I’m happy with my MM 722, it is my first pump and has worked very well for me.

PS You had accidentally double posted the comment you made, so I deleted one of them…

For those who are looking for Canadian availabilities (in terms of CGM and Pumps) I found this pretty extensive Canadian site called
It lays out pretty clearly what is available, what is in the works (such as Dexcom) and the features of all the different pieces of equipment. I really like this site.

Shivika, this is NOT an answer to your question , however I am going to share here , what I read on Scott’s discussion about the Medtronic CGMS , which he wrote about 20 hours ago , because of Scott’s earlier comment to refer to his discussion on MM CGMS … .Quote :" A slight update : I called Dexcom and have things in the works . That was the same day , I inserted my latest sensor. This has been the first sensor EVER to be accurate for me at the end of 6 days . So I experimented. Recharged the transmitter, started it again and it is still accurate at 8 days . If this had been happening , since I started in May my feelings mightt be different " end quote …and I won’t need to comment

Nel, put the whole quote please…

A slight update. I called Dexcom and have things in the works. That was the same day I inserted my latest sensor. This has been the first sensor EVER to have been accurate at the end of three days. I restarted it and it is the first sensor EVER to be accurate for me at the end of six days. So I experimented. Recharged the transmitter, started it again and it it still accurate at 8 days. If this had been happening since I started in May, my feelings might be different.

However, it didn’t happen. I just think it heard me talking to Dexcom and thought “oh, crap… he’s serious!”

I started using the MM last May, 7 months to get that first one? Nel, I stand by everything I have posted re: MM CGMS. I have given honest feedback, I am glad it is working for you and for others, as I have said. I am curious tho as to why my post seems to be such a hot-button for you in regards to the CGMS? I didn’t challenge any of your assertions that it was working for you, I simply was expressing my frustrations and impressions with it.

Thank you Scott for sharing your complete quote. Did it make a difference ? …in my mind NO .Did I have my buttons pushed : NO other than thinking , that your story did not have to be brought up in this discussion . I will leave it at this and be more careful in responding .

I don’t care if it made a difference or not, you edited what I posted and did not indicate that you had done so. The thread had moved on to MM, and a variety of other devices, so my post was relevant and your continued reference to it by stetting my posting simply makes it more so.