Insulin pump with built in CGM?

I am looking to get a pump in January. I haven't been to my endo to discuss it yet because I am trying to do it all in the same year for deductable perposes. Anyway. I thought I saw that there was a pump that had the CGM built into it. As if I wouldn't have to wear both the CGM and the pump. But now I seem to be having a hard time finding it. (hope it wasn't just me dreaming.. LOL)

Any help (best types of pumps/insurance help/anything really...) will be very appreciated.

Hi Shannon,

There is the Medtronic pump that has integrated CGM. You still have to attach two separate things to your body (infusion set & CGM sensor) but you will be able to see both your pump information as well as blood sugar trends on the screen of the pump.

There *should* be another pump, the Animas Vibe, released in the US soon (it's been awaiting FDA approval for over a year)that will integrate the Dexcom sensors, which many people prefer due to it's accuracy... I myself can't speak for either as I am not on a CGM but just started the pump alone. I chose the Animas Ping in hopes of upgrading to the Vibe when it's made available...I also wanted to learn just the pump and be comfortable with that before adding yet another piece of equipment into the mix.

I also think the T-slim has an integrated unit due out soon as well, but I'm not sure it's been submitted to the FDA for approval yet.

Good luck!

Medtronic has the combined pump and CGM display. I don’t like that idea since the pump/CGM display will be buried with blankets when you sleep and make the CGM alarms harder to hear.

I’ve been using the Dexcom CGM since 2009. I currently use the G4 model. I think most CGM users prefer the Dexcom system. It’s more accurate than the Medtronic CGM and most users thnik it’s more comfortable, too. Many Dexcom users are able to extend its normal 7-day sensor life to 14 days and sometimes beyond.

Like the previous responder said, the Animas Vibe is rumoured to be FDA approved soon, but we are now three years behind Europe in its debut.

Dexcom recently offered a major upgrade to its software. It has taken its clinical study experience with the artificial pancreas project studies and made that new and more accurate software available to all current Dexcom users. This software upgrade, I understand, will not be incorporated into the Vibe version.

If I were shopping for a pump today, I would seriously consider the Asante Snap.

If you buy a pump and/or CGM using insurance money to finance it, you will be making a four year commitment for the pump and a one year commitment for the CGM. Happy shopping!

Thanks for your input guys! I am very new to all of this and you have brought up points that I haven't thought about. I will educate my self on the products you recomended and have a little knowledge before speaking to the Endo. Thanks again! :)

Lots of pump information on our resource page here.

I have the Minimed 530g it’s the pump and cgm I have it since april. I have not had any problems hearing the alarms at night. The cgm has never been more than 10 off from a metering reading. Also I have better a1c s since being on the pump and I have been able to use less insulin. Good luck in finding the pump that is right for you.

No need to wait. There is a lot of work to be done after you get your endo involved. By the time you are done it will be 2015.

I am using t:slim and Dexcom. Have only been on a pump and CGM for 5 months and have found both beneficial.

Hi Shannon,
The Animas Vibe was approved by the FDA last week I believe. From what I read, you can order the pump now and the company that makes the pump (Johnson and Johnson) will start shipping in January of 2015. Just Google Animas Vibe and you will find the info you need including a form to fill out to get more info. Medtronic has an integrated pump, but the accuracy compared to the Dexcom really doesn't compare. A lot of pump companies are trying to do the integration piece, most with Dexcom, but OmniPod seems to be looking for some other partner, while
still looking to integrate with CGM also. I have been wearing an OmniPod for 7 years and also wear the Dexcom (love both!), I want to wear an integrated system, but am not willing to go back to wearing a pump with tubing...just cannot even imagine it. Good luck!