Insulin Pump

Hello all !! … I’m new on this page (I’m active on the spanish version of estudiabetes) and I just got it cuz I recently moved to the US and accidentaly broke my insulin pump which last 11 years! I’m so concerned about getting a new one due to the price and I got into google and try to find an used one. Please help me, If you know someone who’s selling an used insulin pump please let me know, I don’t have the money to buy it new and I’ve been using this treatment for all of those years and have worked really great, I wouldn’t like to change the method on which I’m treated. Thanks a lot, your new friend Jonathan.

Thanks for your info, I actually was looking at craigslist right know and found many pumps, I know that I have to be cautious and only buy if I can meet the seller personally, that’s the only way I’ll be protected from scams. The price ranges from $500-$1500 depending on the model, I’ve been using an old model (minimed 508) but felt very comfortable, wouldn’t mind buying an old one.