Used insulin pumps

Hi everybody,
my doctor put me on insulin since 1 year and I really want to move to pump but they are very expensive, they told between 5000 to 7000 $ is it possible to get good condition used one and where, and how

please advice me.

Do you have insurance? If you do, it can be less expensive, and most insurances recognize conventional pumps. The omnipod can be hard to get, because the insurance might not want to pay for it, but it has a cheaper start up price. It is less than $1000 I believe to get the starter kit, and a pump costs about as much as you said. I would talk to your insurance agency and ask them if they cover pumps.


If you have insurance that maybe the best way to go. You have to be careful with used pumps because if it doesn’t have a warrenty…you’ll be in trouble if something happens to it. I don’t think the Omnipod is offered in your country…