Carrying Case/Bag for CGM/Pump Supplies?


I am looking for any suggestions for a carrying case/bag for my CGM and insulin pump...I currently use a laptop case for all of my supplies, but I would like to hear about any case or bag that you might use that you like...I will be keeping the following basic items in this case:

Minimed CGM and supplies

--3 sensors

--transmittor and charger

--sensor insertor (Senserter I think is the name)

--IV preps and IV3000 dressings

Paradigm 522 Pump and supplies

--3 silhouette infusion sets

--1 bottle insulin

--3 reserviors

One Touch UltraLink Meter and supplies

--meter and case (includes meter, bottle of strips, lancet device)

--extra bottle of test strips

--few extra lancets

--log book

Those are the main supplies that I will be carrying in the bag, and right now I am just using a laptop bag that of course does not have any special pockets for these supplies...I am just curious if you guys might have a case/bag that you have used that you really like...thanks for all your suggestions in advance...

I have the best luck by going to travel departments (luggage area) and checking out smaller travel bags. I find lots of sizes with various compartments/zips, etc at Target. If you go to fancier places, then you will find equivalent bags there. Lots of people will give you online websites. For me, I need more room than the typical “diabetes” carry bags or pouches. I use the over the shoulder bags with at least 3 bigger compartments and small inner pockets for things like my IV prep and IV 3000, reservoirs, etc. I don’t use a cgm so you will look for different features than I need. Just check them out until you find what you need. Overall mine is probably about 7 inches wide x 10 inches tall and about 4-5 inches deep. The trick is to remember what items are in which pockets!

I got one for exactly those materials at Dillard's (Department Store) - it's made by Fossil. They have a lot of fold-over clutches and this one was meant for toiletries, probably.

Seeing that you're a guy, what you need is a MURSE (i.e., a man purse). Timbuk2 bags are great; I see lots of guys with those around town. You could thrown in all this stuff and a few other personal items as well. And still look manly :-) Manhattan Portage also makes some cool looking messenger bags, but I think Timbuk2 ones are the best (from personal experience). They come in lots of sizes so you can find the one that works best for you.

I use the LeSportsac collection of bags to tote Sophia's supplies. She uses the Omnipod system (no cgm). They also have a men's collection. Kind of expensive but if you have a DSW in your area you can usually get them at 50-75% off. I use the Kasey for everyday use, back and forth to school, etc and in it is her pdm, vial of insulin, lancet, test strips, AAA batteries, syringes, alcohol pads, extras, glucagon kit, glucose tabs, extra pod.... I also have the Kevyn, 3-zip cosmetic, and the Travel Tote as my purse for summer just to coordinate it all :). The Kasey works out nice for day to day and drops nicely into her backpack and any purse or backpack myself or husband carry or you can just sling it over your shoulder. The others are great for quick trips to the park, etc but we hardly ever use them because the other is efficient enough for us.

My best solution for carrying pump supplies has been to use camera bags made by Lowepro (they seem to carry the largest selections of those types of bags that I have seen at BestBuy and Fry's -- electronic chain stores with camera departments).

The bags themselves are frequently on sale and I got the padded one that I use on a daily basis for under $10 USD. On my daily bag (I believe the model chosen was called Discovery 10) I carry pump, test strips, multiclix finger stick, and replacement batteries in a small package that has a belt loop and a d-ring clip.

The have bag sizes going from tiny that graduate to small incremental sizes.

My advice: take all your supplies to the store and try to fit them in a bag that you eyeball being the correct size and make adjustments from there. Good luck!

Forgot to add that they carry several primary colors and some 'modern' colors, they tend to be aimed at professional photographers.

I am in the same boat right now looking for a bag/case to hold everything you’ve mentioned plus ketostix, glucagon, glucose tabs, and small snacks. I think I’m going with a diaper bag as there is a plethora of styles and sizes and they come with all sorts of compartments and insulation (in some options). I realize this post is very late, but if you haven’t found anything yet maybe that could be an option for you? If you’ve already decided on one do you mind sharing what you ended up getting? I’m not 100% decided yet. Thanks!