Insulin Pumps (the cheap version of Pancreas Transplant)

Who says you have to pay $60,000+ and have a hospital stay, a scar and the chance that the anti-rejection drugs won't work????

I say... Give the pump a try!

It's not going to reject you...(It takes the injection factor out of your care)

It's not something you have to stick with...(you can always go back to injections)

It's technology keeps getting better and now it offers instant glucose monitoring that a person can set up to check sugars every 5 minutes and send the Glucose reading directly to the pump.

The insurance companies should be offering these at no cost, in my opinion.

The long term benefits will prove to anyone that these "on the hip or in the pocket" Insulin Pumps will become the Best Prescription ever written!

Ahh! I would LOVE to get a pump…But the wonderful Canadian Health insurance seems to fall short for diabetics. I was on the phone today for 2 hours trying to find a private health insurance that would cover my needs ( which by the way are basic life needs) I kept hearing the same repetitive answer "Yes Madam, since you already have diabetes you are only covered a b$300 dollars a year for drug coverage ( which is my monthly cost) and 80% of diabetic supplies like test strips, and needles. We do not cover insulin pump because it is considered a “luxury” " Could someone tell me HOW THE HECK IS AN INSULIN PUMP A LUXURY??? sheesh!

Any Diabetic that has the following should be able to obtain an INSULIN PUMP:

  1. An A1C of between 6 to 7.5
  • reason being, if you take good care of yourself with the injections and can gain some control; the chances of your Doctor allowing you to go on a pump is Raised Dramatically!
  1. Patients must be willing to take any/all Diabetic teaching classes relating to PUMP USE; Dietician classes (which explain how food affects your blood sugar)
    Any class available will show your Dr. that you are serious about what you have and want to learn as much as possible.
  2. Patients with control - with good hearing & good eye sight have a better chance also, as the pump settings will be set by the individual, and the pump has alarms and buttons with a digital display to enter Carbohydrate info and Blood sugars.

If the Insurance Co. doesn’t cover the costs, call or write to the Manufacturer of the Pump, speak to your Doctor also… There are ways to obtain a pump if your condition meets certain requirements. The Pump is sometimes considered a Medical Necessity Diabetic Medical Supply.
Your Insurance should cover it under the same coverage your test strips and syringes fall under.
The Amount of $$$ you will save on insulin, and the stress you will lose from the injections are the LUXURY!