Guide me

my friend is coming to usa next month and he is also a type 1 diabetic . but the doctor in india has declared him as non diabetic on seeing his sugar levels . will he be able to get a insulin pump from a insurance company at free of cost here in usa once if he is declared to be diabetic in usa by the doctors here . pls guide me .

Insulin pumps need to be covered by insurance or else they can run up to $5,000 for the device, plus up to $500 per month for supplies.

If your friend acquires insurance when he gets here, he will have to apply to get the pump. In order for any of the paperwork to get through, he will need to see an endocronologist (diabetes doctor) to get the Certificate of Medical Necessity. This CMN will then be submitted to the insurance companies for approval.

Getting an insulin pump is not easy, but it’s not impossible. The insurance companies want to see that you are trying to gain diabetes control using injections and diet and exercise first. If you still cannot gain control, they MAY approve you for a pump- but it’s really up to them.

It may be free of charge, but that also depends on his insurance and /or his personal life situation. I know that I had to pay 20% of the cost when I got my pump 5 years ago. And 20% of the monthly supplies.

Nothing here is “free” but you can work to get what you need through some fancy footwork.

Good luck.