Insulin Pumps

I am ready to go on an insulin pump but do not know which one to get. i am thinking about the omipod but it seems like there is alot of pod problems and i think it would be a hassle if you are away from home and dont have an extra pod. im also looking at the one touch ping but i have not heard much about this pump from people but i would like to know is a insulin pump with a tube a big hassle or do you get use to it and dont even relize thats my only fear of the tube being a big hassle all the time. also if you could recomend the pump you like and for the reasons why. Thank you so much

I love my Ping :slight_smile: For me the Omnipod was out after I tried the demo pod… I like to choose where the bulk of my pump is, I don’t want to have it fixed for 3 days. I didn’t even really consider MM this time around since I wanted the remote bolusing capabilities that the Ping and Omnipod offered.

Have you tried a demo Pod yet? I would do that if you haven’t… and I wouldn’t let talk of pod failures dissuade you much - remember you’re more likely to hear about the problem ones than the hundreds and hundreds that are fine. Any pump has the potential to fail in a variety of ways.

I use a Medtronic Minimed. The pump is a huge help! It takes about a day of getting used to. The tubing isn’t a big hassle at all. You can get the shorter length tubing and tuck it in. The Medtronic Reps are great and are available for any concern. The insertion sets don’t bother me, and no one normally notices them. They don’t hurt, usually.
The One Touch Ping looks great. They come in more colors, and their infusion sets are also colored. I’m not too sure for the tubing and insertion sets, but it seems to be similar to the Medtronic pumps.
Good luck!!

I just put on the “Trial” OmniPod today. I have forgotten that I have had it on! Sleeping and showering will be the real test. I like the thought of no tubing (just me) and this is a huge step for me, because I have always had a fear of using the pump…But, well…I have to say I’m becoming very open to this idea. :slight_smile:
Just email OmniPod and they will send you a few Pods and information, if you are interested.

thank you i have tried tried the demo pod 2 times and they didnt bother reaally bother me. i will have to look into it more and figure out which one i want.

I’ve been on the MM 522 and am now a podder. As for the tubing, it’s not that big of a hassle. But holy smokes - when I moved to the pod, I realized the tubing was just about the biggest annoyance in my life (I have a really good life so it’s the little things that get noticed). I was only on the Minimed for 2 years before I switched. I am so freaking happy I made the choice to switch because now I feel like I’m really free of all the trappings of diabetes. Also, I’ve only had 2 pods fail on priming and 2 occlusions (both on day 3), and I’ve been podding since September. And while I usually have a spare pod floating in my purse, in the back of my mind I think I’ll be fine if the pod fails while away from home because I always have a spare needle with me and think “I can just draw insulin out of the pod” if I have to.

I have been using the OmniPod since the middle of December and LOVE IT. Only one time did I have an issue with the pod. I called customer service and the whole situation was resolved. I just couldn’t get past the idea of being connected to something with a tube. So, therefore I went with OmniPod. I love it and think the company is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Tubing is not an issue for me. I just get so used to it. But I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. I have heard good things about the PING, but there are people that love every pump. So look around and decide what’s best for you and I think you’ll like it!

Hi Brandon,
I used the MiniMed Paradigm for 8 years and this month I switched to the OmniPod. The MM warranty expired in November then in December it started giving Motor Error messages.
I switched mainly because of the tubing. But there are many other reasons.

  1. Its only one thing to carry around. The PDM has a glucometer (freestyle) so its one piece instead of two (pump and glucometer). Thus, there is no need to “download/sink” the data from two different sources.
  2. I find the Omnipod system is easiest to use in terms of changing the infusion set. Its one package, so when traveling is less things to carry. With the MM there are at least three separate pieces needed. And when traveling, there was lots of supplies to carry just for the pump. Also, I know the Animas Ping has more pieces and steps to follow than the MM to put the infusion set. My son (3years old) used it for 9 months. It was quite a task to change the infusion sets for him. He is now on the Omnipod.
  3. I could not wear a dress with the MM due to the pump being difficult and unconfortable to clip to the bra.
  4. I had to disconnect to shower or use the pool.
  5. I havent experienced any pod failures for me or my son. (I hope it continues this way).
  6. the PDM is easy to read, has a large screen and easy to follow menu. The other pumps do not have this.

I hope this helps.

I started using a Ping in late December and really like it. I have some issues getting it on my site, but I am somewhat new at this. It is wonderful to have the remote and I can’t imagine living without it. I got the demo pod and it seemed a little big to me. I opted for the Ping and for me, it really makes sense.

thank you everybody for you advice but after doing a little reasearch i think im going to go with the MM 722 because it has a 300 unit resivour and my doctor said that 200 probaly wouldnt be enough for a 3 day use so i would have to change it every 2 days which i dont want to do but i still am thinking about the ping i cant get the pump till april but just want to be sure by then

Just as a tip – you CAN change the insulin resevoir without changing the infusion set. So it would be an option to reload the pump with insulin without changing the infusion set, but I guess that it is still a pain.

I have the MM722 and I do like the bigger resevoir.

okay thank you that is something i didnt know. So do you like the MM 722. and do you have the CGM