Insulin Resistance after breakfast

So I wake up at 730am every morning and sugars are approx 85-90. I have the same amount of carbs for breakfast and lunch, 32g which is a sandwich (breakfast is eggs, lunch is turkey). For breakfast I give about 4.75 units of insulin and still hit about 160-170, for lunch I give a full unit less at 3.75 and peak at about 115. Why do people get insulin resistance for breakfast, my endo said its common.

Unless I am high in the morning I generally use R insulin for breakfast. It lowers for much longer then Humalog but you still need the correct amount. For me anyway I notice I have to wait much longer in the morning to eat then any other time of the day or I’ll get that wicked spike. So generally I wait nearly an hour and a half post injection before I eat breakfast with R or 40 min with Humalog. Nine out of ten times I eat cereal for breakfast. I think it has to do with our metabolisms are different in the morning then the rest of the day. Just my guess.

I think part 1 is correct. I wear a CGM so part 2 doesn’t happen with me going low.

The Dawn Phenomonon is the most logical answer. It is a very real part of diabetes, and effects different people in different ways, to different degreees. The ONLY thing diabetics can count on is change. We are surfers and we can’t always predict, or ride the wave as well as we like. That being said, we will never give up AND, it’s fun to beat the devil (ha ha). Keep up the good work Rich.

Love Always
Anonymous Diabertic.