I am currently taking the least amount of insulin since becoming Type 1 diabetic in 1999.

This summer (pre-pump), I might have taken upwards of 100u a day.

Since then, I made a decision to change my lifestyle. Started with exercising, then getting a pump, and finally eating better. Insulin needs have been steadily decreasing, and it’s been a battle setting a correct basal so I don’t go low so much.

This week I have had a very typical schedule. Yesterday, you know how much insulin I took total?


And I didn’t have any highs, though I still had a fair share of lows. I decreased some of my basal rates ever so slightly again today, and they lows have been much less frequent (though still there).

I just can’t believe the difference going on the pump has made for me.


It’s good to see another Happy Pumper:) I am glad you are adjusting to the pump. Keep up the Great Work:)

Glad to hear that you’re making some great progress, the pump does make it much easier. If it wasn’t for those darn lows we’d have it too easy…