Insurance Companies?

I think I must be a tad slow today cause I just DO NOT get my insurance company. I go to the Dr yesterday(which is a whole other discussion) and had him write me a script for a new meter. After seeing a lot of people talk about replacing them after a year, I figured since mine was over a year and half old, should get another one. Now my thought process was…If I have no copay for the strips,lancets, syringes when they run the meds first…meter’s should be covered…oh but no…not my insurance. Wouldn’t pay for a $20 meter, but will for $109 box of strips… Leaves me wondering what they expect you to put the strips in? ROFLMAO

Call the meter company… they’ll usually help you out :slight_smile:

Also check with your Doctor’s office. Many of them get samples of meters, insulin, oral meds, etc from the drug reps. My endo is always asking me if I want to try another meter brand because she got a ton of new meters in. And yes, insurance companies are totally weird in what they will cover, makes little sense at times.

What make of meter are you trying to get? If nothing else there’s usually some kind of a give away by a meter company somewhere. For instance II got my current OneTouch Ultra Mini for free online. Just had to fill out a questionaire, they mailed me a coupon and I too it to a local store. The website to go to is:
and enter Offer Code DM_VT_NMNF
DO include the underscores.
Besides that there are many times when meter companies will take a trade in eigther for a discount or even trade. Try looking at the websites for each company.

Hey Carol…were you able to get this resolved??