Insurance for Pumps

I just started pumping this week (Minimed 722) and my nurse/trainer suggested that I add the pump to my house insurance policy. I thought about it and decided it was a good idea. I know all the manufacturers gladly replace failed pumps on warranty but what about breakage or theft? She told me that on occasion the manufacturer will replace a broken or lost pump but it is rare.

I checked with my insurance company and they will charge about $100 per year for complete replacement.

Do any of you have your pumps insured?

I don’t and I have had 3 replacements in 9 years none of which I had to pay for because they were all within the manufacturer’s warranty of 4 years. I would ask them if they would be willing to insure them in 4 years because them saying it is rare is not true in my case I was told by both pump manufacturer’s that this was policy when they replaced mine.

Take care and be loved

Mine is covered under my policy for theft, loss, other acts (such as my getting fed up with my readings and taking a hammer to the thing – just kidding). Some policies will cover it as a general household item. You should check with your agent about whether it needs to be a scheduled item. It is not necessary with all insurers. Also, check what your deductible is in the event you have to make a claim – many policies will have a deductible for loss or theft of $2000.