Pump Insurance

Does anyone have insurance in case something happens to your insulin pump (lost, falls in toilet etc). I called my home insurance company and they never had this question before. They asked for a bill of sale, but my pump was covered by the government (cost $6000-7000) Do you know if Medtronic will give a replacement if my pump was lost or damaged? I hope this never happens, but with two young kids, I am a busy mom and you never know. Any information on insurance for a pump would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

When my Medtronic 722 broke ("BUTTON ERROR" message), I called them and they sent me a new one, the next business day and had them send the old one back. I dunno about lost.

If you lose it they won’t replace…but if it breaks or gets thrown into a wall they would…unless you get insurance for it getting lost or stolen…I think that’s what my cde told me but you still might want to double check

My pump lost its mind after a bit of rain and no questions asked medtronic sent a new one(well a refurb) overnight.

My insurance carrier asked for the same thing. My pump is provided under a government sponsored-private health insurance company partnership, and I couldn't provide a bill of sale either. I think it was quite spendy to insure my pump against peril. My pump is the most expensive asset I own, and I want to insure it, but I can't prove that I own it, so I guess I will have to be careful.

I wish I could be of more help.

I have my pump and CGM covered on my homeowner's policy. I had to get a rider and provide the pump & CGM serial #s and replacement cost. Warranty covers them in case of failure, but if it gets lost or stolen, it would be up to my homeowners policy.

I called my homeowner's insurance company and they said that my pump is covered under my home-owner's policy, if it's lost or stolen anywhere in the world (subject to my deductible, of course).

Okay, thanks. I will look into that, maybe I would need a "rider"..like if I had expensive jewellery. I think for myself, I am very responsible, but with kids, you never know. Or I knew someone that was golfing, and his buddy swang the club and hit his pump. The warranty might not cover that...Or I take it off to swim in the lake, and what if a child spilled water on it..

I wonder if Renters insurance would cover your pump if it was lost or stollen, as I rent my home, I dont own it.

It might be. You should check with your agent. If not, they can write a rider for the policy to cover it, like my insurance did (American Family, btw.)

I inquired many years ago with my renter's insurance company. They said I would have to get a rider to the policy but the price was too high to make rational sense. I decided to "self insure" against loss or theft. I've been lucky and have never had to replace a pump out-of-pocket. I always save my old pump when I get a new one so that I have an inexpensive fall-back position. It would be hard to go backwards with the technology but that would only last until the lost pump's warranty ran out.

Oh I am definately going to do that as well, however lol I'm not even a year into my pump yet, so, I've got a ways to go before insurance can get me another. I don't anticipate on losing it, BUT I'd hate to have to come up with 6 or 7 thousand dollars out of pocket too.

My mother always said I would forget my head if it wasn't attached.
Well lucky for me my pump IS attached. I haven't lost one yet !

I got told when I got mine that in the case of the pump stopped working it was under the manufacturers warranty.
Ive had 2 pumps stop working (Cozmos) and both times Ive had them replaced. The second time I got my Medtronic instead..

I damaged mine in water this past weekend and it was under warranty so I got a new one no questions asked. Luckily I had a spare at home that I used. If you were not in your warranty period I’m sure they would send you a loaner as well while they worked with your insurance company to get you an upgrade.

I called my home owner's insurance and they said it would be covered under contents of my house. They don't offer riders on medical equipment in any case.

It depends on what insurance company you have, some will add a SPP or Scheduled Personal Property rider or a PAF. You would pay extra for the additional pump coverage

i have worked w/ Metronic for about 11 yrs now. naturally, i have had my problems with both supplies and my pump. in all my time, Metrontic has been there for me. i am currently on my 3rd pump (which i love: the Paradym with the Bolus Wizard). ive had 2 occations in which my pump kept malfunctioning. i called Metronic, and by the morning a brand new pump was waiting for me outside my door. not even 24 hours had past since my phone call. apparently, the pump is insured for about 3-4 yrs.so try not to worry.

ALSO: for whatever reason, (I am on Medicare for Disablity) when the time came for me to upgrade pumps, my insurance wouldnt cover it. Metronic, on my behalf, hooked me up with an outside insurance agency called LIBERTY; they picked up the cost of my new pump as well as continuing to pay for my pump supplies. i dont know why to this day, but i am very grateful.there is always hope. try not to project too far into the future about terrible circumstances. just be grateful for what you have in the moment.

I think the manufacturers would cover it if it’s under warranty. You might have to have some sort of “pump carcass” to send them. I’ve worked in a claims office for 17 years and have encountered exactly zero pumps although I may have “run into” a few PWD. I suspect that if the pump were covered (I don’t do 1st party stuff very much…), the baseball bat scenario would be covered, although it would be subrogable and start an investigation of the baseball bat circumstances, which is sort of what I do. Proving intent “beyond a reasonable doubt” can be very murky…

All pump manufacturers will replace a pump overnight for breakdown but not for lost or stolen. I on purpose put a rider on my home (renters) insurance for my pump and my Continuous Glucose Meter as they are so expensive. It is like a rider for jewelry or any other small high value item that aren't covered under normal policies.
It is no more that $10-$20 to have a rider like that, well worth the investment.
Good luck and make sure you have a waterproof pump like the Animas or Omnipod as that would solve the water (toilet) problem.

As for hitting it in sports etc. I would think the manufacturer will step up and replace it especially with kids and young adults I know Animas will, the whole premise of a pump is to give these kids a "normal" life and sports hits do occur.