Insurance Questions

My boss just gave me a heads up that we will likely be switching from Harvard Pilgrim insurance to Blue Cross Blue Shield in a few months. I’ve been very happy with HP- they have never denied anything and gave me a specific case manager if I ever had any problems with coverage. I’m starting the process of going on the pump officially next week. When I was at the Diabetes Expo a few months ago, some of the pump demonstrators asked about insurance and when someone said they had BCBS, the demonstrators basically told them to be ready for hassles. Has anyone else heard this? I’m also curious how this will work if I"m still under HP when I start this process but change insurance smack dab in the middle. Question three: do you think my CDE would be willing to speed things up to insure that I end up with the least amount of hassle? Thanks so much for answering these kinds of questions!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve had BCBS for many years, and they have always paid for my pump (I’m on my second one now) and all the supplies (though the copay is $200 per quarter). It may depend on which BCBS you are going on – I started with one in Virginia and now have one based out of Pennsylvania. I also had Oxford for a while in between, without any issues on coverage.
It’s the doctor visits and the CDE visits that are the problem for coverage – they pay so little it almost is not worth having the insurance.

I think there is another member on tudiabetes that has BCBS, they are trying to either get a pod or a pump approved but they denied her 13yr old’s pump. If you go to forums and look under omnipod you’ll see the post.