Intensive summer youth sports training?

Our 11 YO son with T1D is very athletic and plays a variety of sports - running, soccer, basketball. We have sent him to a couple of different day and sleepaway diabetes camps, but they were not sport-specific and tended to be more sedentary than to his liking.

He's been to regular sleepaway camp and liked that, and he's going to regular sports sleepaway camp this summer. What I'd like to see is an intensive summer sports institute for young athletes with T1D. It would be an amazing opportunity to interface with other promising athletes and learn a ton about how to manage their blood sugars in the course of training and completing in their sport of choice.

I came across one basketball camp like this in the Pacific Northwest --

Does anyone know of anything like this? Soccer would be amazing.


My son does the Slam Dunk Basketball camp for kids with diabetes. Its a free 3-5day camp for kids ages 5-18 with the focus of how to manage diabetes with exercise. If you go to you can see more about the camp. I brought it here to Wisconsin in 2014, we struggled with low blood sugars. It was great, first year we had Dominique Wilkins come and talk with the kids, last year one of our coaches who was T1D played at the college level, this year we will also have speakers who compete professionally with T1D this summer. Hoping to also get Gregg Vaughn, former MLB, whose son is in the minors and has T1D, to talk with parents about training, etc. We also had an athletic trainer who specializes in working with kids with diabetes talk with the parents while the kids were on the court. Not sure where you are from, but camps are in WI, IL, IN, TN and I think coming to South Dakota this year.