Intimacy & the pump

I am looking for some advice and about to get personal.
I am very open about having type 1 diabetes. I show people my pump and CGM and explain how they work. To get straight to it, I am dating and when things get sexual, I have had issues (on many occasions) where my pump gets ripped out accidentally. I tried taking it off for the time being, but still have had issues where even just the site is ripped out. I don’t blame the people I am with as they don’t know how easily it can happen. I don’t want to make a huge deal and have the people I am with walk on egg shells around me, especially in the moment. Any advice on how to avoid this?

I have done three things. First be sure you apply the site with Skin-Tac, that stuff is like cement.

Use a patch over the outside edges of the site.

Finally do disconnect. Nothing rips it out like a intimacy.

Good luck !!

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My best advice: Use Sure-T sets, covered with IV3000 or similar dressing. Not only does that secure the set well, but that set has a strain-relief connector located about 4" from the set. It works for me! My wife and I both use that set.

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