Cgm & basketball

I have a 12-year old boy with Type 1 who is about to get a Dexcom CGM. Where is the best place for him to wear it, considering he plays very physical basketball and is terrified of getting it ripped off? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thx!

My 11 year old wears it on the back of his arm exclusively. It’s only been ripped off once and it was probably nearly ready to come off already. He’s been playing year round basketball for 5 years and always wore a shirt under his jersey I think more to hide the dex than anything. The past year or so he’s stopped wearing the undershirt, I think largely because there’s another T1D on his team that does the same. Never had a problem and my son usually plays center.

Thank you SO much! My son also plays center & it can get rough! I will show him your reply; it will help him to know there are other kids playing ball with CGMs. And now we have a plan, thanks!

Get a Grif Grip. They make many different types. The band one is very secure.

More security, awesome! Thank you!

We also use grifgrips, but only to prolong the sensor. We’ve put them on early before and it’s much harder to prolong the sensor life once the grifgrip starts to peel as the adhesion to the sensor tape is nearly permanent. However, I would agree that it would be nearly impossible to rip a sensor out with a grifgrip on.

My daughter wears her dexcom on her arm and she likes to wear an armband over it. We went out and got her a Tommy Copper band which works great but it really too long. I’m hoping to make her some but there are sites that sell them.

I use Freestyle Libres which might be a bit lower profile than Dex, but I train in aikido 3-4 times a week, and we actually grip or push each others arms in that general area for a lot of the arm pins.
I use either GrifGrips over the top or circles of wide kinesiotape, and haven’t lost a single sensor in more than 12 months.
To stop the tape sticking too vigorously to the sensor, I use a second circle of tape (usually narrow kinesiotape) and stick that on the larger circle, so the area touching the sensor is not sticky.
I am a fairly non hairy woman though, I believe men and older boys with significant body hair may have issues if they don’t shave.

So many great suggestions! Thank you all for your help!