Introduction for Confuzzled

Hello all, I have came on here and searched for different topics for years but never registered, just used it as a resource for information.

It has been a while since I had to search online for help but had some hiccups this summer and here I am, searching for answers in the next chapter of this ever changing world.

I have been diabetic for over 11 years now, but in late May I had a very scary thing happen.

I was taking my shower when I coughed reflexively, naturally my instinct was to cover my mouth with my hand. To my surprise, I coughed up a handful of blood. Needless to say, I was no longer going to work. I finished the shower in a hurry, threw on some sweat pants and headed straight to the nearest ER. Incidentally, 6:45 AM is a really good time to go to the ER, nobody is there.

It ended up being a very rare lung cancer that was very slow growing and very treatable, but it has wreaked havoc on my treatment. The tumor was a neuroendocrine carcinoma, so it was also releasing hormones for what was probably the last 14 or so years.

The lower lobe of my right lung was removed on August 4th. About a week later, the Levemir I had been on for a little over a year, suddenly stopped working. I was constantly taking Humalog corrections.

So now I am trying to figure out Toujeo. I used to take Lantus, and had to take 20 units in the morning, and 10 at night because of dawn phenomenon.

If anyone has made the switch from Lantus to Toujeo, and they had to split the Lantus like I did because of dawn phenomenon, did you have to do the same with Toujeo?

Any help is appreciated.


Hi, Confuzzled.

Yes, I switched from Lantus to Toujeo. I used 20 units of Lantus and when I switched, my doctor said to take the same number of units.

Note: when you inject the Toujeo, it will be a lot more liquid. The same number of units, but it is “dissolved” into much more liquid. Otherwise, I liked it.


That is not my understanding… Toujeo is U300, which means it has 300 units per ml, so it will be the same number of units, but 1/3 the liquid volume. Or am I not getting this?


Wow so cool you asked this question… I have to switch to Toujeo as well when my Lantus runs out & I was wondering the same thing. I really love this forum.

Confuzzled, my Toujeo was a big squirt. Same number of units, but lots more cool liquid in my body. I don’t remember how much was in the pen.

On this blog, we say… “your diabetes may vary”, but who knows about Toujeo doses !?!

Well, my insurance trumped us today, looks like I’ll be picking up Tresiba…

Guess I will see how this goes.

I switched from Levemire twice a day to Tresiba once a day, 18 months ago and love it. Search Tresiba on the forum and you will find tons of information. Good luck!

Sorry, I have no help with this one. But have meet many pumper who have have switched to Tresiba with great results.
And I am so happy for the outcome. I am thrilled for your successful treatment of your cancer. So very, very happy for you. And good luck with the new diabetes treatment plan.a new experiment everyday.

Any issue with DP?

I am still going to use the Toujeo I have until it is gone, but I am starting a split dose today.

I took 35 units this morning and plan to take 15 tonight to see if I can stop the DP.

Back when I was on Lantus, I had to do the same thing so it makes sense to me.

Thanks Gail, I had to take Levemire 3 times a day, and it was not really working at all the last couple of weeks, I was constantly taking corrections of Humalog…

I, also, deal with DP, but not every day. Sometimes I have to take Humalog to bring it down , other days I don’t have DP at all. After 55 1/2 years of being T1, I just take each day as it comes. Since I’ve been on Tresiba my A1C has not been higher than 5.7! When 1st starting Tresiba allow at least 4 days before changing your dose. It does take time for your body to adjust to Tresiba. I was taking 23 Units of Levemire daily and am taking 23 Units of Tresiba daily, and for me, it’s working. Your Diabetes May Vary. I hope it works for you.

Update, transitioned to Tresiba and it is working very well.

I did have to end up splitting and it is actually pretty stable at 40 and 40, 8 AM and 8 PM.

I may start reducing it in a few days as I have been having lows at night, but nothing below 55 so I may leave it alone as I will usually wake up in the 80 to 120 range with the DP.

If I do reduce it, I will start with the morning dose as it does in fact seem like this stuff hangs out for 16 to 18 hours, but starts working in about 3, so the lows may be the last of the morning dose still working and the next dose starting.

Thanks to all for the info and sorry I am such a slow responder, just got a lot going on.