My son Jared DOB 6/17/99 was dx December 2004 with type 1 diabetes. He currently takes Lantus 2x daily and Novalog 3-5 times daily. His A1c was high in May (8.7) due to back to back sinus infections and strep throat. When my son was dx I had just graduated from nursing school exactly 1 week prior. I noticed him urinating and drinking alot. Dr thought it was probably just a UTI and wasn’t going to do blood work but I insisted , my gut told me it was D , I have never wanted to be wrong so badly in my life!! His BS was 468 and he had moderate ketones. We were sent to Hosp which was a 2 hr drive we had to pull over x3 to let him go pee (glad he’s a boy) Any way we spent 1 night in PICU and 5 more nights at hosp. I am currently a privite duty nurse. Jared was given the go ahead for a pump but has now decided he doesn’t want one, he says he will smash it with a hammer. Jared recently started doing most of his own testing when we got a new meter. Up until this point he would only test on occasion he says the new meter is easier. He has never done a shot he will dial up the dose on the pen and do the air shot but thats as far a it goes. Well its been nice to find this place. Hope to get to know you all soon!!

I’m glad he likes his new meter. It’s great that he is testing on his own. As he grows, he may change his mind about the pump or be a little more open to the idea.
This place is wonderfrul, hope you enjoy it as much as I already do!!

Hi Stacy! I saw your son’s age… breaks my heart. I was about his age when I was diagnosed as Type 1. I’m from Kansas too ( Clay Center).

I so wish they’d find a way for children to manage the disease that they’re comfortable with. At least they do have the insulin pens now, which is less conspicuous.

Anyway, glad to have ran into your post!