Invokana Amputation

I have been taking Invokana and had 4 amputations. 3 toes on my left foot and 1 big toe on my right foot. Could this be related?

So sorry to hear this,I would ask for a medication change myself. Good luck. Nancy

If you go to website, you will see lower limb amputations listed as side effect. You may want to discuss other options with your doctor.

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I had to follow your link since I couldn’t imagine that any medication that’s gone through the rigor of development and regulatory approval would need a caution about a side effect that’s the among the very things that would motivate a patient to take the medication in the first place! It’s like taking a cancer drug that risks causing an additional cancer.

That’s messed up.

@Jennysf – I’m sorry to read about this health setback. I would definitely raise this issue with your doctor at the earliest opportunity.

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Someone told me to go to to see if I can get legal compensation. I’m going to try that first. Thanks for all your help!

I’m not a doctor, but if it were me, I would no longer take this drug.

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[quote=“Terry4, post:6, topic:64990, full:true”]
I’m not a doctor, but if it were me, I would no longer take this drug.
[/quote] why hasn’t this drug been taken off of the market?

yeah… you can go to an attorney regarding this. Have you reached out to them yet!!
Hi I am Sam by the way…

How long has it been since you have had the amputations