Involuntary foot movement

So I had a most unusual foot event this afternoon.

It felt as if an invisible dog or cat was pushing my foot upwards
Under the ball of my foot
For about 3-5 seconds.

Now I know what my neuropathy feels like. This was not burning or pins and needles, which I experience several times a week.

I was sitting at the table in a fairly normal position, and had only been there a few minutes.

I was not high nor low. Not dehydrated, not hungry. Everything except my foot was neutral.

What I did experience was an inability to control my foot. I could neither press down nor lift it up.

My foot was “taken over” by this invisible force pushing it up from the floor, into the air briefly.

I have no family or personal history of Parkinsons, or any condition which is characterized by involuntary muscular movements.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar.

I was really scared. I looked around to make sure there were no animals (none live at this house). It was very eerie not to be in control of my body part.


Maybe you actually have an invisible dog or cat.

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Wouldn’t that be fun!

When very very hypo, (like 40 or lower), I have had involuntary seizures/movements usually in arms, legs, feet.

If super-overcaffeinated I get involuntary leg kicks and arm twitches when I am trying to be still. I try to not be that caffeinated, but, well, I gotta get my coffee fix!

I have had hand cramps (years ago when I was in college and writing with pencil and paper a lot - and occasionally since then when I was doing a lot of intense housework with my hands holding/hauling) where my hand will just involuntarily spring open.

I cannot say what you have, sounds like usual neuropathy. Sounds like there’s something that causes involuntary muscle movements and you aren’t quite sure what causes them yet.

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Thank you, @Timbeak48 and @Tim12.
I appreciate the info and the humor!

Like @Tim12, I’ve had an inability to control parts of my body while extremely low (as in unable-to-treat-myself low).

I also sometimes get a twitch in my right eyelid that comes and goes. And I have a twitch in my upper left lip that kicks in when I’m at the dentist and have my mouth open and they are moving around in there. They’ve never mentioned it. I always just figured it was just something some people had. And as for the eyelid twitch, it got so annoying once that I googled it once, and apparently things like stress or drinking too much coffee can do that.

I personally wouldn’t worry about this sort of thing unless it happened repeatedly, in which case I’d bring it up with my doctor.

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Thank you, @Jen.
I am assuming if this is something more than it appears, I will need to track recurrences. Good suggestion!

Due to what you and @Tim12 mentioned, I may also have to track my caffeine! And keep an eye out for my lows, which were not a factor this time.

So glad I found you guys. It is really helpful to have these interactions!

LADA_lady, what you may be experiencing is a painless muscle cramp. I get these on occasion (but the majority of my muscle cramps hurt like hell!)

Either that, or you are possessed by a demon and no amount of tweaking your insulin doses or avoiding caffeine or anything else is going to help…:wink:

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Your second thought is what my husband said, too! Hahaha

Diet tonic water here I come (muscle cramps)

I occasionally have distinct sensations of pressure or impingement in places where there is nothing visible to cause them. Fortunately they are very infrequent (weeks or months). They never last very long and they don’t show enough of a pattern to draw any conclusions. I just group them with those aches and pains that eventually go away by themselves.

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Thank you, David
I hope to be able to lump this event into that category

Just so eerie to be out of control.

Hi LADA_lady also experience unintentional movement in my feet/legs. When I feel the burning in my foot without any intent my leg just seems to jump up off the ground maybe several times sort of like a big twitch. I wonder if this reaction is because of the burning in me feet or if there is something else going on.