IPHONE 3GS - diabetes app?

Just read this in an article on cnn.com

“Siegler believes another bonus of the iPhone 3GS’s new software is its ability to interact with special accessories via Bluetooth and the phone’s dock connector. To cite one example that Apple showcased at a recent 3.0 event, a diabetes app could hook up with an insulin meter, allowing a diabetes patient to check his or her glucose levels.”

Anyone heard anything abou this?

Sounds interesting…


A demo app was demonstrated in March at the iPhone developer’s conference. You can find it on the Apple website - the whole conference that is. The diabetes software, by LifeScan, comes up about 10 or 15 minutes in.

It’s very cool, I want it, but as far as I know it’s not currently available and nobody has announced a release date. It may not happen it may happen.

In the same vein, visit www.diabetesmine.com to see the cool iPhone app that won the annual diabetes design contest. It’s a different approach.

Please, please, please, please let me put my numbers on my iPhone. Please, please PLEASE!!


Oh, yeah. see the article JeffC linked above. Thanks, Jeff. Too bad it’s not ‘imminent’.

They previewed this app during the Apple Keynote when talking about iPhone software 3.0. If you watch http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/0906paowdnv/event/index.html?internal=ijalrmacu it’s somewhere in the middle of the keynote.

HI All,

LifeScan Diabetes app coverage here:

The LifeCase/LifePhone system here:

What do you think?

Wow… Will the phone itself be the meter or will the meter communicate with the iPhone, thus allowing Parents to monitor their child’s BS when away from the child? If the phone itself is the meter, maybe Apple will charge a lower amount regarding test strips, LOL. If the latter, which glucometer will communicate with the iPhone 3GS?