iPhone connected blood glucose meter

Has anyone seen heard about this? Would like to hear your opinions on such a device and if it would or wouldn’t be beneficial to you and why.


The BG has 3 digits. Where is the use to automate that? The log needs much more input. The BG alone is useless. And for this I should activate bluetooth on meter and iphone which will drain the batteries very quickly? With manual input you will be much quicker and you will accept that there is additional important information to write to your log. We do not need happy engineering. We need practical solutions for 24/7 use.

i’m excited to use this product, i like the current wavesense blood sugar app, and think it would be nice tool to use to get me to plug in my info. Plus when i’m done i can play games on my itouch :slight_smile:

The argument on the site about effective health care spending is also questionable. The free choice of test stripes enables competition and competitive pricing. But being locked in with Wavesense test stripes is the opposite of that.

I have to correct myself the Wavesens meter plugs into the dock port of the iPhone - so they battery drain will power the meter only. If this is designed well the drain could be acceptable. The lock-in argument still holds true. But why to blame Sanofi for that - it is the driver for this development.

Holger, you always have a very intriguing point of view. I didn’t even think about the drain on the battery!! LOL

I guess I was hoping that this is just one more step in the progression that I could have ONE device that could communicate with my pump, check my blood sugar, keep a log, email the doc, make phone calls, play games, and ultimately clean my house…(but I won’t hold my breath on that last one). :slight_smile:

I do like the Wavesense app. I just wish that I could add more info about the food. The logs that my diabetes center likes me to keep are more detailed and if they could somehow put all of that in there…I would be a much happier camper. And the games…well, that should be the reward for a good blood sugar!

I await this device with baited breath. I don’t like entering data twice and if I could get the data into and out of my iPhone with ease, I’d be first in line.