Iphone screen saver with cgm? or table clock?

Hi everyone, my daughter just got diagnosed a few weeks ago and we are learning a lot and are on top of her readings constantly.

Does anyone make something like a table clock that will show her G6 readings so I can watch easily at night?

Is there any app that will show her reading on the iphone without having to open the app and look?

I have the Glucogram on my Mac and its perfect for me to see how shes doing while I work and shes in school.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Hi and welcome!

This post from a parent on another site might help you out:

I have a tablet dedicated to this. It is old. But perfect for this.
We are now on the Dexcom G6 cgm however this worked just the same on the G5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Runs Android 4.4.2
Pretty cheap on eBay

It runs:
Dexcom Follow App
App Last Updated: October 2016

First I had to enable “Developer Options”.
I did this a long time ago so I don’t recall. But it was very weird like how to find an Easter Egg in a program. I just tried to look it up and found this (which sounds odd but also sounds familiar):

To enable Developer Options, go to About phone in the device’s Settings, then tap Build number seven times. Now, you can see and access the Developer options menu from the device’s Settings.

Once “Developer Options” are enabled, then go:
Settings ==> System ==> Developer options ==> Stay awake
(Screen will never sleep while charging)

Plug the tablet in on your nightstand, prop it open and it runs all night.

Roll over at night and you can simply glance at the tablet to see the graph. It never times out while plugged in. No screen saver. No time out. Nothing. It will stay on the Dexcom cgm graph forever. Note that I don’t get the typical audio alerts so I am not sure if I broke something but I can hear the audio alerts from the next room anyway so that doesn’t matter in my situation.

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Why not by a watch that links to Phone or that links to Phone which links to receiver, depending what you use with your daughter. Just got this and it is great and set it up in a couple of hours. Watch face is my BG, time and graph and is like a mini computer. Very inexpensive too.

IF you were using Andoid, you could use xDrip and see the readings on a widget on any homescreen, AND you could have someone “follow” the data on another phone, using another install of xDrip set up as a follower, AND you could see data on some android watches WITHOUT NEEDING A WATCH APP.

As an example, I pressed my Note 2 into service so that my wife can see my data (she has her own copy of xDrip for her own CGM on her S7) on the Note. It sits on her nightstand so that she can glance at it from time to time. I don’t always hear my CGM alarms, plus she is awake more than me. Sometimes when I’m away from home, she’ll notice my bg’s have gotten too high or low and she’ll text me as an added alert besides my own devices (watch and phone). All in all, it comes in handy to have her looking out for me.

The watch that I use–no need for an app–is a Gear 2. Every 5 minutes the data shows up and is reviewable for all previous readings, by clicking on the Notifications icon.

What Brand and Model of watch is this @rcarli?

Curious what it costs in US (I’ll compare with Canadian price once you reply).


This is a Ticwatch E. Only 129 US$. Bought it at Amazon. Have an Android phone but watch also works on IPhone. Bought it for the BG on the watchface but really is a mini computer.

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Reading can show up on the watch all the time without pushing anything. Also works on IPhone but but Apple IWatch is probably the preferred watch for the IPhone.

Thanks for the info. Just ordered the Ticwatch E off Amazon Canada for the equivalent of what you paid ($122.25 incl Prime Delivery).

Should have it shortly :+1:t3:

No more iPhone plugged in beside my head all night. Hopefully I can mute low alarms on the watch

Watch connects to receiver or phone. No alarm from the watch. Phone does play sound and voice but no Dexcom alert on app. But readings are visible all night on your wrist.

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Are you saying you don’t even need a phone?

Need a phone for the watch. If daughter had receiver, Father needs phone and watch to use watch. Won’t link directly to receiver. Sorry.

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