My new cgm

look what came in today my new Dexcom G5 Mobile cgm & i’m already love it. i have my iPhone as my display device. & it already on my arm.


Didn’t take you long to get started with it! Congratulations! I hope you find it to be n excellent tool in support of your diabetes management!

By the way, don’t be shocked if its numbers a a bit off for the first 12-24 hours - that happens with a new sensor.


yea i been seeing my numbers are a bit off. & so far i love it. my arm did hurt a little when i put it on. but it went away.

Happy to hear that you decided to give it a try! Pretty soon you’ll wonder how you got along without it.

Is your sister going to get one, too?

Eric - Congrats on taking the plunge with the Dex CGM. I wouldn’t want to live without it. Once you start looking at your numbers you begin to see some important cause and effect relationships with food and insulin dose/timing. Pay attention to that. That’s where the treasure is buried!

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I had a little blood and a little “pain” the first time I did an insertion – since then, I barely notice it when I put it in, except a little itching once in a while.

no she don’t want one.i think she is getting a little bit of burnout from everything.

Understandable–there’s a lot for your sister to take in right now! T1D is an overwhelming diagnosis!

The numbers and colors really pop out but I am learning the change arrows are just as or even more important. I kinda wish the display highlighted the arrows a bit more.

right now she just take everyday as it comes. & yea i did see the numbers and colors really pop.