IPro Study and Insulin Pump

I am currently undergoing an IPro study and was wondering if the transmitter was able to be connected with my MM723? I’d Like to see the graph to get a picture of what My BS are doing before the doctor sees them…Can this be done or is the iPro transmitter Proprietary?

I tend to doubt it. But I also have no way of actually knowing, of course.

I assume you are talking about what Medtronic seems to refer to now as the iPro®2 Professional CGM, yes? All I know about that CGM is the limited bit I could find via Google online.

While in the photos I’ve seen the CGM transmitter appears to be identical to the Medtronic MiniLink transmitter used by those using Medtronic’s non-professional CGM (???), I don’t see how it can be. The description for the iPro®2 Professional implies that transmitter store 3 days of data which are then downloaded by your physician’s office and crunched by software which pairs the CGM data to your BG meter logs for the same period.

The people here who would be familiar with Medtronic CGM are most likely to have used the non-professional CGM. This uses a MiniLink transmitter which can only store a maximum of 40 minutes of data. My wildass guess would be Medtronic yanked the radio transmitter from the MiniLink and increased the storage capacity to come up with the transmitter used for the iPro®2 Professional transmitter.

Even if the transmitter was still present in the transmitter you are using, you would need to enter its serial number into your pump in order to pair your 723 with the transmitter. And I doubt you have the serial number to allow you to attempt to do this.

Out of curiosity, do you know which sensor is being used? I assume at this point they would use an Enlite, the Medtronic CGM sensor which replaced the earlier Sof-Sensor (aka “Harpoon”). One way to tell the difference is that the probe of the Enlite inserts straight in at a 90 degree angle. By contrast the older Harpoons inserted at an ~60 degree angle. Another difference is that the there is an adhesive tab on the rear of the Enlite which is folded over the back of the transmitter to hold it in place as you can hopefully see in the pic of an Enlite attached to a transmitter below.