New Medtronic CGMS - iPro2

Stolen from MedGadget:

Medtronic has unveiled a new continuous glucose
monitor, the iPro 2. The device is designed for use by physicians to
identify dangerous blood glucose fluctuations in diabetic patients. For
now the system has the European CE mark, and it awaiting an FDA
regulatory approval. Medtronic touts the system’s ease of use, for
example the fact that it doesn’t require the patient to do anything with
it beside wearing it.

Looks like a new version of the sender for the medtronic CGM. Guessing it has a 3 day memory vs the 30 min memory that the current one has. May not have the radio transmitter part built in. What I want to know though, is how does it calibrate without the need for regular calibration blood glucose readings?

As it happens, I think this is the unit that is being trialed through my endo. I’m scheduled for a 30-minute appointment June 22, but wonder what can be accomplished in such a short amount of time?

I have zero information other than what time to be at endo’s office, so send me your questions and I’ll pepper the tech/rep with them…


I bet you will go in, get this set up and walk away with it. 3 days later you will show back up and they will download the results.

I used the iPro (original) about a year and a half ago. I’m not sure about the calibration, but the device stores a week’s worth of readings and then they are downloaded at the end of the week. I was told not to eat or anything for the first few hours following insertion, I guess because your blood sugar is supposed to be stable during that time. The downloaded data corresponded well with most of my meter readings (they had to be manually entered) despite no calibrating.

Calibrating is done after the fact…they enter the bg readings that you took during the time you wore the CGM and then fit the iPro curve to the bg readings.

Whichever way you look at it, MM CGM is just a POS. Stay away and try the Dexcom 7+ CGM instead.

John, when you typed “MM,” did you mean MiniMed? Or are you speaking specifically of the Medtronic?

Minimed/Medtronic…they are one and the same now because Medtronic bought out Minimed (or was it the other way around?).

Interesting, is there a reason why? I have the medtronic minilink real time CGM? Sometimes I am happy with it, sometimes not. When I got mine I had no clue there were even choices (maybe there weren’t then).

Search the forums here for Dexcom and you’ll find a lot of information.

MM CGM is a painful and inaccurate system and a total waste of your time, money and healthy skin. Dexcom 7+ is an absoultely wonderful CGM that is painless, accurate and makes you get your A1c’s down to the 5.x level easy and fast.

I wouldn’t say that is the case for EVERYONE. I have good success with the MM CGM since starting it about a month ago. Unfortunately, the Dexcom wouldn’t work for me as I take Tylenol frequently for hradaches, pain, as I am allergic to Alleve the other alternative. So, all in all, it has been great for me - had caught some lows and impending lows I didn’t realize I was having.

A newly updated version of the one Jennifer describing…I am all for new technology and looking back: my present Medtronic CGMS is serving me very well …
Dan , I am unsure , what you are relating to " 3 day memory vs the 30 min memory " ?

hmm. Interesting. I will have to check out whether it is compatible with pump. SOmetimes my CGM works great but today it has been of by 50-100 points all day. It just read 108 and I checked and got 189!

I would also say my MM cgm is working well. I have had only 1 painful sensor, more my fault than its. I have had a few way off sensors, usually after trying to keep it going for more than the 3 days. I did get 9 days with good results. The Revel system I enjoy, especially the predictive alerts, they have helped catch some lows that really snuck up on me.

I have the revel pump, and the cgms that you get with that will only hold 30 min worth of readings. After that you get a “lost sensor” message and you will have a gap in your readings.

Because this one will be away from the base station (You used to have to carry a machine that would get the readings to hold them for longer periods of time) it will have to hold more readings for longer periods of time. My guess will be 3 days.

Really 30 minutes? Mine with the 522 gets 24 hours at a time. I was having lots of lost sensor problems and finally figured out it was interference from electronic equipment. In my case it was the baby monitor but I think my phone has interfered as well.

Mine can go 30 min without talking to the pump. (The weak signal warning) After 30 min I get lost sensor.

Dan …I still don’t get it …meaning your explanation …I am a 522 pumper/CGMS person , unless the sensor gets" old " …or if the pump is too far from the sensor do I receive certain messages .
And I handle " it " accordingly . …maybe the MM iPro2 will teach me more possibilities .

I guess it’s fine for people who can’t really take care of their own diabetes, but for someone looking for better control…I just don’t get it. Why not get a CGMS that you can actually use for real time readings?

There’s “personal CGMS” and “professional CGMS”. (Don’t know who came up with the terms.) The I-Pro is a professional version meant for short term use to get more information about what’s going on with blood sugars and help guide treatment decisions. A seven day run of CGMS can be valuable in terms of seeing trends, post prandial spikes, undetected lows etc. It can be a step on the path of getting insurance to cover personal CGMS. Personal CGMS is what you’re talking about where the patient owns the CGMS and uses it on a daily basis.

Think of it as a diagnostic tool similiar to what someone wearing a holter monitor would be doing.


Well, this explanation makes perfect sense. The endo did say that the reps would be in with these monitors, would I like to try it; now that I’ve seen your post, Diana, it occurs to me that the endo also said “they want us to buy it from them.”

Cool, anyway. I’m doing the trial not because I’m all adither for a pump but because my numbers have been all over the map the last couple months. Sad, though, that there are such vast differences in the equipment available to docs and patients…