Irish Supreme Court slams Subway

I saw on the news this morning that the Supreme Court of Ireland had ruled on a case about whether the bread used by the international fast food chain Subway is real food. The issue at stake was whether Subway had to charge sales tax on their sandwiches or not - real foods being exempted but deli foods not. The court ruled that among other things the definition of real food is 2 percent or less sugar relative to the amount of flour. Since the court found that Subway sandwiches have 10 percent sugar relative to the amount of flour, patrons of Subway in Ireland must pay sales tax on their sandwich.

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Besides the fact that a Subway sandwich is mostly bread in the first place. I’m a vegan so I always get a Veggie Salad and take it home and make my own sandwich, loaded with veggies!!!

My favorite used to be that veggie burger sub. It was so high in sugar that I had to stop eating it. Once, I took the appropriate insulin dosage and started to pass out before the sandwich was served to me.

Delicious, but deadly.

I got super lucky because I was sitting at an outdoor table. Right when I started to go down, this older Mexican guy (who’s name I never knew), but he knew I was a diabetic and he came walking by at just that moment. He was so super awesome that he went inside and told the staff I needed a sammy ASAP!

He was from the Midway neighborhood that went down during the civil unrest. I hope all my diabetic angels are still fluttering around when covid blows over. I need those neighborhood guys - practical, fearless guys, always good in an emergency.

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I was surprised by all the sugar! Maybe once a year on the road we eat one. Normally not. Nancy50

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