JimmyJohn's sub shop

Jimmy John's will make any of their subs as an Unwich. A Sub with a lettuce wrap instead of a sub roll, they are delicious, and most are less than 10 grams of carbs.

Yeah...I been loving the #10 - Hunters Club - Unwich. Makes for an easy lunch from a BS standpoint.

I gotta say the Tuna and the veggie subs are ny favorites, I will check out the Hunters next time I go.


Thanks for the tip. While we're at it, both In-N-Out and Red Robin have made low-carb burgers for me, wrapped in "end" wedges of iceberg lettuce instead of a bun and condiments on the side. Yum.

I love Jimmy Johns! They deliver to my office in about 10 minutes. Club Lulu is the greatest, unwich of course. I don’t need any novolog when I have 1 (or 2 :wink: ) for lunch. Sometimes it is tough to say no to the bag of chips though. Only 32 carbs though with a diet coke for the whole meal. Thumbs up!

Yeah the Jalapeno chips are delicious as are the sea salt and black pepper. They do screw up my bg's if I eat the whole bag so I try to eat half then finish the rest later for a snack.

I don't have an in and out or a red robin here locally, but I am going to ask the next time I hit a burger joint near by if they will do it. I don't mind removing the bun as my wife and I keep chickens, and they love that processed bread:)

Great to know - lots of JJ’s around me!

Sounds great right about now. I'm realizing NYC is a tough place to be diabetic. No Walmart = no cheap strips or insulin. No JimmyJohns = no unwich. At least we don't have to worry about hypos while driving.

Can you order from Wal-Mart online? I imagine the food choices, and the wonderful smells of it cooking in NYC, would put me in DKA:)

I lived in Poughkeepsie for a while, and there was a little bagel shop in Wapinger Falls(I didn't do it) that offered salt bagels. I would order one of those with corn beef and slather it with Horseradish. You just cannot get a good bagel in Florida.