Ironman NZ 2010

Yesterday I competed in Ironman NZ. It was the hardest race I’ve done
in a long time. Not really because of the 3.8km swim or the 180km cycle
or even the 42km run but more due to the weather. The day started out
very nice with a fairly calm lake but half way around the swim the wind
picked up and it turned the lake wavey. I headed out on the 180km cycle
with an average first lap followed by a strong second lap into the
craziest South Easterly. The run was hot with ready strong wind. I was
very tired at this point and spent a lot of time walking. I finished in
one piece and despite the lack of training I met my goals.

Goal No. 1: To complete my second Iroman with perfect BG levels (between 4 - 9mmol-L).
Goal No. 2: To complete the swim in 1.15hours.
Goal No. 3: To complete the cycle under 7hours (due to lack of training).
Goal No. 4: To complete the run in as close to 4hours as possible.

My insulin pump plan for the day wasn’t simple and went something like this…

5.00 - 6.30am: normal basal rate 0.85units
6.30 - 8.30am: basal reduction to 0.75units

8.30 - 12.00pm: basal reduction to 0.70units
12.00 - 3.30pm: basal reduction to 0.65units
3.30 - 5.30pm: basal reduction to 0.60units
5.30 - 8.00pm: basal reduction to 0.55units
8.00pm: normal basal rate 0.85units

I tested my BG levels 40mins before the race, at T1, at T2 and after 30mins after the race.

  • 11.1mmol-L (6.20am - before the race)
  • 4.7mmol-L (8.20am - in T1)
  • 7.9mmol-L (3.00pm - in T2)
  • 7.9mmol-L (8.00pm - after the race)
My results...I haven't yet seen all of the results but this is what I do know.

Place - 24th in W30 - 34 age group
Place - 682th overall

Swim Time - 1.15.18hours
Cycle Time - 6.45.52hours
Run Time - 4.25.49hours

Total Time - 12.38.59hours

The time was 48mins slower than my last Ironman but I am happy with the result.

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fantastic job! congrats