Is Admelog similar to Humalog?

Previously I was getting Humalog at the Pharmacy, now I am getting Admelog, is anyone getting Admelog? Is it the same as a Humalog?

Yes, it’s the generic. My HMO tried to make me get it, but I am allergic to Humalog so they gave me an exception. That’s how identical they are supposedly.

Admelog is generic version of Humalog. Only difference is price, and whether insurance covers or not.
Both are Lispro.

On Goodrx, it also lists Lispro as a generic, which may be lowest cost without insurance.

Are you using Novolog? That also now has generic, called Aspart, which some insurance plans are switching to.

If no insurance, the generics are much lower cost.

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We had to go on Medicaid, as my hubby got very sick and can’t work right now. So I am not paying for the Novolog at this time. I am so glad they made a generic because in 2017 I had to go before an HMO grievance board to get my insulin. They graciously (?) agreed to let me have it at formulary tier I cost for nine months. After that they would not pay for it at all. Well, for $287 a vial or more…

Admelog is the Sanofi biosimilar to humalog. You should not notice much of a difference.

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