Looking for a Diabetic Buddy

Hey everyone, I’m looking for someone that I can email or chat with on any preferred social media. I’ve tried reaching out to people before but haven’t had a lot of luck. I’m just wanting to have someone to talk with about Diabetic stuff or other things if they happen to come up but mainly Diabetes. Lately I’ve had a difficult time staying positive.




You have everyone on this website. Post any question. You will get lots of different kinds of answers and find many people that care.


Hey, Katey, what’s your question?

Hi, Katey. Welcome!

I’m not sure how long you’ve been living with diabetes, or how long you’ve been trying to find a buddy. My son is 15 and was diagnosed when he was 3. Way back then, I found it pretty easy to make online connections. My go-to places were twitter and tudiabetes. In both places I was able to find groups of people I could chat with almost daily and vet any issues, technical or emotional. I consider many of these people my friends, and most I’ve never met in person.

The online diabetes space has grown and morphed in the last decade. I’m not sure what it’s like for someone new to the venue, but for me, I find it hard to navigate most places to find any kind of lasting personal connection. Most conversations are fleeting.

That’s not the case here at TuDiabetes. Although the people may have changed in the last decade, the interactions, which are largely personal, have stayed the same. If you post a question, or add to any existing conversation, I think you’ll find you will connect with like-minded people in overlapping conversations and begin to make connections that are lasting. This will lead to off-forum chats and interactions that you value, and hopefully you’ll still continue to add to the forum discussions!

Meeting my peeps online definitely helped me be more positive. I often felt like I was failing at diabetes. Talking with people who were experiencing the same things, helped me realize we were actually doing pretty well!!


Hello Katey1

Welcome… what’s going on and giving you grief?

hey katey

feel free to just chat. we are here to listen

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Yeah, bring on the questions, Katey!