Is anyone looking for a buddy?

Hi everyone! I'm hoping to find an insulin dependent Type 2 buddy to chat with, if anyone is interested. I don't have any friends or family with diabetes and it can feel very isolated and alone sometimes.

If anyone out there would like to be buddies, please send me a message!


Sure! I've been pumping 7 years. I use the MM 723 with silhouettes,


I can always use more friends. You can find me in chat most evenings. There is a private chat feature that can be used.

Seconding Gary's comment . . . check out the chat room. There's almost always someone in there, and whether you need to ask a question, discuss a recipe, or just vent from sheer frustration, we GET IT. ;-)

I know how you feel.

I was diagnosed on 3/26/2014. My symptoms were so bad that my doctor had the nurse give me a bg test on the spot. My post-meal reading was 558.

Since then, I have been on MDI but have a pump and will be using it after training on Tuesady.

All of my family is 1200 miles away, my friends are all "Whatever", and people at work are treating me with kid gloves. It's kind of frustrating.

You never alone and as many have said there is the chat room. I sit on a remote site the only expat and a hostile environment with no support. I am never alone there is always someone to ask advise or bounce ideas. I have been out in he sticks and never been near medical care so have self treated for the last 18 months. It would not have been possible had I not belonged to this site with so many that have done so much research on almost anything related to D. As I said you never alone someone in the room somewhere in the world will hear your call.


i'll be your buddy. How old are you and how long have you had Diabetes.


Have you tried the TuD chat room? There is a lot of help and companionship there all day and night.