Is it time to get up said Mother Nature to the daffodils all sleeping under the ground

The sound of chirping birds outside your window the sun finally having it’s way with the gloomy dark sky the sound of children on there way to school,dogs barking flock of Canadian geese flying overhead on there way to the lakes near by make you want to jump up and scream it is good to be alive,when you come down to Earth the beats is there to show you who is in charge,the beast being of course diabetes some of you I know have the beast well under control but some of us have a daily if not hourly struggle with the beast and seldom control it,go on I can hear you say like to many around me all you need is will power you gave up smoking so you should be able to get diabetes under control,it took a massive life threatening heart attack to cure me of smoking and if you do not mind I never want to go down that path again,when you have someone around you the task is easier take my Angel leave that alone Raymond use the vegetable spread on your toast not butter,how may cups of tea/coffee have you had someone to bully me into eating right stop sitting down all day and get me in a frame of mind to at least face the beast even if I have to wince at it’s stare,but most of the day I live alone with just the 4 walls to keep me company,smudge dies her best but Ben use to bark jump on my lap and generally be there when I got low,as you know Ben our Yorkshire Terrier died 2 years ago and the house is a bit more empty like it was when all our 5 kids flew the nest

As I have said some of us are strong willed others well not weak but not able to climb the peak without a bit of help or sometimes a kick up the backside,8.55am I have been awake for almost 3 hours now here is lots to do about the house and I will start some jobs,usually have 4 or 5 jobs going at the same time,take today,wash up, fill in my paper diaries for the grand children,tidy my cinema room,Hoover around, being a Gemini I flirter from one job to the next not really finishing anything very often,the willingness is there my mind is ready but the body well it soon gives up the ghost,when you get breathless just standing up you can see the dilemma I have,late taking my victoza and morning medication for heart failure gout prostrate have to make breakfast and take insulin some days I cannot be bothered and then the problems just mount and mount am I typical or just the odd one out in our family of diabetics mom use to say everything is sent to test us often I feel like the poor guinea pig who wonders what the hell is gong on,no disrespect to our Little friends.

Time for breakfast so will you join me in a cuppa tea and a couple of slices of toast,have a good day twiddlemthumbs

Daffies are starting to bloom all over Seattle. The crocuses are coming up, too.

Yay Spring!!!

Time to clean the windows and get my walking shoes engaged in their mission: to keep my insulin resistance under control.