Is Stress a Factor in High Blood Sugar?

I am having a few changes in my life at the moment and have noticed that I cannot keep my blood sugar down. When it does go down to a reasonable level, I get really bad “Cramps” in my calves and feet.

My Doctors has told me it is something I am doing and not stress at all. I have been under control for such a long time now that I am having these problems I can only put the problems down to “Stress”. Any ideas???

Hello Suzanne: :slight_smile:

Welcome. Yes, in the majority of Diabetics, stress does raise their blood sugar. There is a minority of us that stress lowers our blood sugar.

When I was a Child, I used to get severe pains in my calves when my blood sugars were high, but not cramps. We all seem to experience different things. I’ve never had cramps in my calves from normal or low blood sugar. Low potassium is the usual cause of cramps in the calves. That, I have experienced.


Terrie8 pretty much said it all. Yes, it IS a well-known fact that stress CAN elevate sugars. I don’t know what kind of DR you asked, but I sure don’t know where they get their answers. ??? I don’t know about the pain but, maybe, they based their answers on tje sugars being connected to the pain comments.

You might try some sort of relaxation exercises like deep breathing. Sometimes, even, good and hard exercise is stress-relieving.

Good luck. Let us know if you follow up with this.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Stress is defnitely a factor in blood sugar. Have a look at this brochure form bddiabetes.

Yes, stress can make your sugars go up or down. Do I ever know it! I agree with Terrie about the potassium. You might try raisins, grapes, baked potatoes, bananas. Try deep breathing when you’re cramping, getting O to those tissues really can help. Seriously, try it. Good luck, hope your stressors go away.

Absolutely. My sugars are usually higher during the week when I’m at work than on the weekends. I one got stuck in traffic during a snowstorm and a 20 minute drive took 3 hours. I tested before I left and was 96. Once I got home, I was in the 190’s!
I don’t know about the cramping, though. Did the doc say the cramps were related to something you were doing, or the high blood sugars?

Oh YES! changes your hormone…

Thanks guys - the dr says they are not really a cramp… Not sure what they are. We are working on that part. I am trying to breathe more deeply and not stress too much but I have been told that I take everything too seriously and I should learn to let go more. I am working on that one myself.