Is Tea Ok for Someone With Diabetes?

I have just started drinking tea, after hearing so much about how good it is for you, i never was a fan of tea before, but i started to drink those bottled diet teas you find from lipton and snapple etc…and to my suprise, i really liked it!, so that got me to buying the teabags you find out there, i do find i do add a little sweetness to those by useing something like splenda or AGAVE Nectar which i use mostly, any thought on tea use by us diabetics?, iam a type 2 by the way, any info would be great, i have found these two sites helpful in my tea learnings
i have found that a nice warm cup of tea has cut down on my snacking between meals a lot too!

I drink iced tea with splenda all day everyday. I’ve been a diabetic for 18 years. No cautionary tales that I know of.

Thanks for the website information. Appreciate it.

I’ve been drinking plain brown tea since I was a Teenager. I forgot why I started drinking it but it doesn’t raise my sugars plus I found out some years ago that it is also supposed to be Good for the Lipids. It doesn’t have to be any special tea either. I sometimes have raspberry tea or peppermint tea for a change and occasionally camomile tea to help relax me if I can’t sleep. It’s been Good for me and has helped not harmed.

Tea is great. I like the fruit teas and I agree they help cut down on snacking. How do you find the agave nectar affects your blood sugar? It is really high in carbohydrates so I try to avoid it. I use Splenda, Stevia or Luo Han Guo.

I drink tea all day everyday!! Hot tea, sun-brewed tea, iced tea… I even put a teaspoon of honey in when I have a cold (but I count the carbs!!)

I love it— there are some teas that are healthy and some that just taste good. I would say that there are only two things that you need to watch out for:

(1) Teas made from dried fruit. These are pretty fancy-schmacy (sp?) teas that you can buy at some places. If you can see fruit pieces in it, then it is not going to be low carb. If you want to try it, then just check your blood sugar afterwards. I can tell you that my blood sugar goes really high after drinking these and it is hard to know how many grams of carbohydrate is in it. So I avoid fruit teas where that have large pieces of dried fruit, but I find that fruit teas in normal tea bags are fine!

(2) Some teas have a lot of caffeine in them (green tea, for example). Some people have problems with caffeine raising their blood sugar, though I have never noticed this.

If drinking tea means less snacking, then it must be good :slight_smile: I do the same!