Healthy drinks

I have found that Apple Cider raises my bs… I now am trying Cayanne Peper in water, I want to try lemon juice too.
Has anyone had their bs go up from drinking any of these… I LOVED drinking the Apple Cider but my sugar just kept going up… I would sip on it all day… especially with STEVIA in it. I would like a healthy drink that wont raise my blood sugars… thanks for all your help…

Hi Dana. I like hot tea, or ice tea with Stevia. If caffeine is an issue, try Rooibos, which has no caffeine. Rooibos from Republic of Tea comes in Red or Green, either one with different flavorings or spices.

To a gallon of water add 2 or 3 slices of cucumber and a couple of slices of strawberry. Let sit for a couple of hours. Remove slices from the water. This is mighty tasty water.

The cayenne pepper in water with lemon juice sounds like the Master Cleanse. I tried the cayenne pepper and it burnt out my stomach, I always do lemon juice from the actual real lemon fruit not the squeeze bottle thing, same with lime, cucumbers, oranges and grapefruit. Just one slice and it doesn’t affect my blood sugars too much, the lemon, lime and cucumbers don’t affect my blood sugar AT ALL! I also like to brew up some tea and make homemade iced tea, like green tea, white tea any tea except the fruity flavors, I like the vanilla red rooibos tea for a bit of sweetness that doesn’t affect my blood sugars. I also add stevia like Trudy. Mint tea for tummy upsets cold or hot is good too, also have tried licorice flavor tea, not bad, but I prefer plain old green, black or white teas the most :slight_smile:

There is an apple cider flavored tea, not sure if it is by Stash Premium teas or Celestial, I have tried that one too, and no affect on blood sugar, you can check it out if you go to Stash or Celestial website, I can’t remember the brand I went to check my cupboard but I don’t have any left, but majority of thee teas I have are by Stash or Celestial, so it must have been from one of those brands. Hope this helps, I drink ALOT of tea as you can tell, put it in a wine glass with ice if you make it into an iced tea feels like you are having a treat :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much… It gives me some new things to try. I like to drink things that are going to help me in some way…
I will be looking forward to trying out some of these ideas… I will be tracking my sugars while taking the cayanne… it does not effect my stomach at all… thanks again…

Apple juice is high in sugar. If you make your own lemon juice drink with an artificial sweetener it should be OK. Alternatively try one of the Da Vinci syrups in water. I find them sickly sweet, but you might like the taste.

Hi Dana. The nice thing about tea (and according to the label, also rooibos) is that it’s full of antioxidants and other good things. I read repeatedly that green tea is esp. good for PWDs. I have also read that there was once a study which showed tea loses the antioxidants if taken with dairy, so when I make hot chai w/ black tea in the winter, I use rice or almond milk. Summer calls for plain tea, hot or cold, with stevia. I’ve only tried the liquid stevia, which also works well in coffee.

Hi Trudy,

I love black tea with milk in it but I am Lactose intolerance so I can’t drink that anymore. I do use 1/2 and 1/2, just a little and it does not mess with my stomach much. I think the rice milk is very high in carbs. I have never been super faithful on the Bernstein diet… I am really making a big attempt this time. We are in the process of moving so it will be more difficult when we move, but I will aim to do my best… When I come on here it really encouraeges me, so I have been doing much better. I make myself come on here and read and talk. My whole family does it with me… They do eat more carbs than me as I have 5 children from ages 3-16… They are real trooper and doing well… This info really helped me. I am trying to loose weight too. It just does seem to be as fast as I like… he he… I saw some Green tea at Costco in capsule form, is that any good? What is the best way to drink Green Tea? there is all kinds of it. Thanks a million for the info… Dana

Thanks for all the info. I love the cayanne because it does so much for us… however, it is not the best thing to drink all day. I have not bought a lemon yet to see if it will do anything to my sugars. I seem to be sensitive to alot of things. I will be anxious to see what it does. I LOVE tea. I wish I didn’t so much… I could drink it all day… I have gotten better and started to drink more water. With the weather warmer it is easier. I live in MT and it is very cold so I like hot drinks alot… Thanks so much… Dana

Yes, rice milk is high in carbs, so I don’t use much in my chai. I buy the 8 oz containers of rice milk, so I’m not wasting much if I don’t drink it all–besides, the dogs like it! If I’m going to bake, I’ll buy a quart of almond milk. Having Celiac and having to eat totally gluten free, I’m used to making compromises with my carbs. I wander around the house sometimes muttering, “I’m doing the best I can!” In the meantime, summertime and lighter foods… I’ve never tried tea in capsules, I already take a lot of pills. I do make a point of drinking 2 cups of tea every afternoon, white or rooibos in the evening. Echoing Sweetblooded, I like green and white; my husband likes black; we both drink rooibos. I’m sure you’ll find some drinks you like.

By the way I take probiotics, which seems to help with lactose intolerance as well as helping digestion in general. Celiacs need all the help we can get!

Thanks Trudy…

I just bought some Green Tea with Jasmine in it and it is delicious. I also bought Coconut Dream for my family… It only has 7 carb for 1 cup compared to the Rice Dream… We adopted 4 children and 1 of my boys has lots of health issues like me… So the whole family eats like us… They are all healthier though!!!

Thanks for all the help.


You’re very welcome. I’m going to look for the Coconut Dream. I keep learning from these comments! My best to you and your family.

You can buy a product found in the fridge next to the cartons of milk for lactose intolerant people called Lactaid 100% lactose free milk, check out their website
I used to use alot of the coconut milks but my doctor wants me to stop because of my cholesterol levels.

We use to have Nubian goats and that milk upset my stomach too… I was VERY upset… My family loved the milk though… I use 1/2 and 1/2… that seems to be the only thing that doesn’t upset my stomach… I love a hot tea with milk in it… My daughter and I just had our first cup of Green Tea with Jasmine and she told me " sorry if I drink all your tea mom"… I think I found a great tea for the family… Now I have to find it in BULK… 7 of us drinking tea goes really fast…

Thanks again.

I sometimes drink Rooibos. I found out about it by reading Alexander McCall Smith’s enchanting “Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency” books.
I like it flavoured with a little vanilla extract and with an artificial sweetener. I’m in England and can’t get Stevia

Well done on keeping your children healthy. I’m having trouble pesuading my son-in-law that a plate of cold meat, cheese and fruit is as good a breakfast for my grandchildren as toast with honey. I still give it to them when they come for breakfast. The meat and cheese. I generally don’t give them much carb. they are 10 months and 3 years old and love salami. Luckily my daughter trusts me with her babies and thinks what I give them is Ok.

That’s where I heard about it as well! Precious R. likes “red bush tea”, but I think green is good too. Reading the labels, I think the differences in green and red rooibos are similar to the differences in green tea and black tea. If I’m on the low side, I sweeten with a little honey. High or low, I like the hydrating from “bush tea”.

There was a passage in one of the books where the ladies of the agency tried drinking “real” tea instead of the bush to impress people, and didn’t like the taste at all!

It is very hard for me to stay to my diet when eveyone else is eating carbs… I use to be there but am very WEAK now… I’m sure I will get stronger in this area again… At least your daughter lets you feed them well… some of us have to learn the hard and long way, or should I say, some of us never learn… Food is a touchy subject… It is not used much for health… more so for comfort…
More is Caught than Taught… keep up the good work with the grandbabies…

I usually end up slackening off a bit at weekends. My T1 husband has limits to how tight he wants his control to be and since he likes cooking on Sundays, I’m often presented with a bit more carb that I would serve myself. I try to tighten up in the week. However it’s not easy if someone else in the house isn’t supportive and doesn’t believe how much effect certain foods have. T1 LOVES rice and hasn’t grasped how much effect it has on me, so insists on cooking it.I just try to have a minimum portion