Is the Minimed 511 compatible with Animas sets?

Does anyone know for certain whether the Animas infusion sets will work with a Minimed, model 511 (maybe a Paradigm?). Someone is offering me her old, gently used MM and I’d love to take her up on it but only if I know that I can use the infusion sets we’ve got (since we’ve got a like a gazillion sets – insets, comforts, comfort shorts, contact detach).

My daughter currently uses a donated Animas 1250, but its got a crack at the battery housing which I’m keeping together with crazy glue and a prayer, so if I can get a back-up that would be wonderful. FYI, we live in Ghana, W. Africa, don’t have insurance so getting a new pump isn’t in the cards. Just hoping we don’t have to go back to MDI but as with any parent, I’ll do what I’ve got to. :slight_smile:


No, they are not interchangable.

No, Animas uses something called a Luer Lock to connect the tubing to the cartridge. Minimed uses their own unique design. They aren’t interchangable.

But, you can buy special reservoirs/cartridges that fit in the Minimed & have a luer connection. I don’t know more but I am sure they have been discussed more fully on other parts of TuDiabetes.

If the pump is donated does that mean it cannot be under warranty? If under warranty, Animas will replace it. If not under warranty 50/Fifty online pharmacy, does sell something that will help convert the Minimed pump so it uses the luer lock. That would mean you could use the Animas sets with the Minimed. Give them a call or write to them. Not sure what the luer lock conversion thing is called. Once the sets are used up, I would convert back and warranty the Minimed pump. I would switch as I’m not sure the Animas is still safe to use.

Thanks everyone. I think I am going to decline the MM at this time. If one person has an MM pump sitting inside a drawer, someone with an old Animas or a Cozmo will also. :slight_smile: I’ve got too much donated stuff to let it go to waste. Money is too precious. And no the pump is not under warranty, nor would Animas help with training or anything for that matter – apparently, a liability issue.